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Canyon Creek Little League

General Board Meeting

                                                                                Feb 10, 2013


Present: Josh Nevarez, John Struempf, Tessie Gonsalves,  John Morris, Steve Bried,  Paul Leffel ,  Mark Gonsalves, Tony Beckman, Tom Piggott, Mark Gonsalves, Michael Kanceljack, Michael Marver, Paul Leffel, Jason Neri, Scott Anderson


Call to order at 7:04pm


President Update

Jason Neri is the new 50/70 director

We current have 36 players registered for the Academy set to launch February 22

We were elected to go to SBC and John will announce who is selected soon

50/70 will start March the 3rd- Will be the first Game

We have 520 kids now registered and we can add until game one


Training Update

Everything is going well….. We are going to add Jason Kitcherer to the Academy … Great deal for the Major kids……TPC was to have a master instructor and 2 regular instructors…we are adding two more instructors to keep 8 to 1 player to trainer ratio…. We will also be asking Majors managers and coaches to come down and help……. We have asked that we have the managers send out information about the Academy… It was requested that we have e-mail list of all the managers of the other leagues


3/1 – 50/70



4/12 (if we have any rainouts up to this point)


4/26 – 50/70



5/17 (if needed to complete 8 total sessions)



Dist D70 wants two teams in each age group…..No score is kept…. Focus is training…Goes from March till end of May….can get 8-9 Sundays… Practice Friday… Need teams soon…..We will do a mail blast to get folks signed up…. Hidden Valley will be our host park.. the cost will be $50.00 fee…





House Rules List

No infield warm up on day light savings time…Less pitches for warm ups… 

Pre Daylight Savings – Any inning starting after hour and forty minutes will be last inning and hard stop at two hours

Post Daylight Savings – Any inning starting after one hour and fifty minutes will be last inning and hard stop 30 minutes before next game


Around the horn

Update - San Ramon LL World Series

Mike Marver- Please plant the seed that majors is not the last year to sign up for LL

Kancenjack- We have a Safety plan that is being reviewed… he had added page on concussions..Tessie will add the new call up rules…Look at eyes and do the eye follow test…

Scott Anderson- All equipment is out…… There is a request for new game balls…Fun Fact a bucket of balls holds 5 dozen…We have spent our budget on equipment…We will review the budget to look for equipment…Places to look in the budget for balls-Hidden Valley project, Sprit Wear….We need someone for field boxes. John will send out a note asking for volunteers…There are no plugs for Coyote Crossing..

Tom- We are going to stock Memorial. We also need to check the striper at Memorial.

Tony- 8 team with 8-9 players

Tessie- Injury reports she will send to Mike….Post season director

John Morris- Box of uniforms is the box of uniforms unless there is an error if they are all smalls….Nice job on the Graphite CCLL shirts.


Board- John asked that we get more people on the board. John asked that we each recruit a volunteer. If you are reading this and not on the board please think about being on the board. We need you!!! It is not a lot of time but the rewards are great. Please contact John Struempf


We adjourned at 8:17