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November 11, 2012


Present: Josh Nevarez, John Stuempf, Tessie Gonsalves,  John Morris, Steve Bried, Michael Marfert, Paul Leffel , Robyn Chimenti, Dalia Durant, David Lawance , Tony Beckman, Mary, Michelle, Dalia Durant, Meredith Bullock, Michele Stanchemam,  Scott Anderson, Tom Picket


Pres Update


Big thanks for going to the road show.


Big Events coming up

Try Outs- John Morris and Steve Bried will run try outs

Draft- Tessie, John, Scott and a league director will be at draft.


Note: There will be no communication about why a manager was or was not picked. If anyone ask you about why a person was or was not picked please direct them to John Stuempf


Opening Day- The 13th of April- Michelle Stanchina will run and Ryan Morgan will help
Midseason Classic will be the 8

San Ramon World Series- It will be at the end of regular season and before All Stars. The winners of each league (A, AA,AAA, and Majors) for San Ramon  and CC will have a playoff-  Owners will be Dalia, John, John, Steve, and Robyn 

·         The only teams that will play will be the winners of Major, AAA,AA, A for each league

Post Season tournament- TBD; Tessie will email Louie Roessler to get the information he has regarding running a tournament


Reviewed the registration numbers

John reviewed the registration numbers. Over all we are up by 20 boys and looks like we will have six major teams. It was brought up that we should pull more eight year olds up to AA. Right now the plan is