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SCSA Juggling Club

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The SCSA Juggling Club has been created to inspire players to seek out become “Ball Masters” on their own. “You can never be bored if you have a ball!” This is the Juggling Club’s motto and members of this Juggling Club can live it out daily!
Why Juggle?

Mastery of the game of soccer can be broken down to its roots…your touch on the ball. As a player you want to be able to control the ball and make it do what you want. Juggling helps in this process. Juggling gives the player a familiarity with the
ball that translates into ability to: strike a ball, dribble a ball and control a ball with success. You don’t have to be a great juggler to be a great player…but most great players are great jugglers.
1. Players may use their feet, thigh, head, shin, shoulders, chest (you get the picture…NO HANDS!) All touches count toward the total number of juggles. The count must return to zero if the ball hits the ground.

Club Level Total Juggles Age Eligible
Level 1: Apprentice 10 U8-U10
Level 2: Larsky  20  U8-U10
Level 3: Prodigy  40  U8-U14
Level 4: Wunderkind  75  U8-U14
Level 5: Guru 150  U8-U14
Level 6: Wizard  250  U8-U18
Level 7: Jedi  500  U8-U18
Level 8: Master  1000  U8-U18
2. At each level achieved, the players will earn a free SCSA juggling shirt* with the juggling club level indicated on the front. We will also have the names of our jugglers on the webpage.
3. A SCSA Staff Coach or someone assigned by the coach must count and verify the total. The best time for the coaches to observe is before or after practice. The coach is only obligated to give each player three attempts per day. Videos may be sent to for verification.
Club Level Current Members (updated 4.2.13
Level 1: Apprentice Emily Andersen
Level 2: Larsky Paige Wastsom, Ethan Martin, Paige Northern
Level 3: Prodigy Megan Perry, Cameron Northern, Patrick Baysinger, 
Cooper Livermore, Sam Punk, Lillie Owens, Mariah Petty, 
Level 4: Wunderkind Cooper Livermore, Cameron Northern, Lillie Owens
Level 5: Guru  
Level 6: Wizard  
Level 7: Jedi  
Level 8: Master