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Kid Pitch Minors Rules


 1. The home team will keep the official book. Verify the score with visitors each inning.

 2. "Big Barrel" bats stamped USA Baseball certified are permitted.  "Big Barrel" bats stamped USSSA certified are NOT permitted.  USSSA Bats with no more than 2 ¼ " in diameter are permitted.

 3. No metal spikes are permitted.  

 4. Basepaths will measure 65 feet.  Pitching distance will be 46 feet.

 5. The HOME team will wear RED jerseys and sit in the first base dugout.  The AWAY team will wear BLUE jerseys and sit in the third base dugout.

 6. All players present must be in the batting order.  Bat the entire roster.  Lineups should be exchanged before the game.  Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed, but the batting order may not change. 

 7. All batters, base runners, and catchers must wear protective headgear.  Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a mask.

 8. Games shall not exceed six (6) innings.  Please do not BEGIN an inning after 1:50 hours of play.

 9. Every effort should be made to begin games and innings promptly.  Umpires should allow no more than 90 seconds between innings.

10. For returning pitchers, no more than five (5) warm-up pitches are permitted between innings.  For new pitchers, no more that eight (8) warm-up pitches are permitted during a pitching change.

11. There will be a mandatory courtesy runner for the catcher with two outs. The runner shall be the batter who made the last out.  Additionally, courtesy runners are permitted for the pitcher.          

12. Base runners – NO leading off.

13. Base runners are allowed to steal second and third base after a pitched ball crosses home plate.  There is no stealing home or advancing home on a wild pitch or passed ball.  Runners can only advance home on a batted ball or forced in by a walk/HBP.

14. Catchers need not catch strike three, except a foul tip.  The batter is automatically out on strike three.

15. Runner must slide on close plays at any base.  Runners who do not slide and who run into a fielder may be called out.

16. Pitchers may not pitch more than four (4) innings per game and seven (7) innings per week.  The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday night.  One pitch in an inning equals one inning pitched.  Once a pitcher is removed from a game he/she may not return to the game as a pitcher.

17. Teams may play with four (4) outfielders.

18. The infield fly rule will be observed, but must be called by the umpire for it to be in effect.

19. There is no mercy rule.  However, any team with an eight (8) run lead at the time they begin batting in an inning may not score more than three (3) runs in that inning.  If the lead is less than 8 at the start of the inning, the inning is over when they reach a lead of 11.  In addition, any time a team’s lead reaches eight (8) runs, including during an inning, it is no longer allowed to steal bases.