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WYB Coach Pitch Rules


Game Play

  • Bases will be 65 feet.
  • Home team wears Red and sits on first base side.
  • Use 1 new ball and 2 good condition used balls per game.  Once done, put all balls in the used bucket.
  • Games last 6 innings or 1 hr 10 min.  No new inning started after the time limit.  In some cases when scheduling is tighter, the time limit may be adjusted on a case by cae basi  
  • START ON TIME.  Clock for game starts at scheduled time unless you were delayed from the previous game.
  • If a game is finishing up before yours, the Home team should warm up near the RF foul pole, Away team near the LF foul pole.
  • Keep things moving.  Pinch run for catchers with 2 outs, have parent help out with catchers, lay out who is catching at the end of the previous inning.
  • Pitchers roughly 40 feet from home plate (rubber will usually be at 46)
  • Maximum 6 pitches per at bat unless 6th is fouled.  3 strikes you are out, even if less than 6 pitches.
  • Have an older sibling or parent behind the catcher to help collect balls.
  • If ball hits coach, award first base to hitter and one base to all runners.
  • No buckets or extra balls on the ground, pitcher should just hold extra balls in glove.
  • Throwing from knee is permitted but you must make an effort to get out of the way.
  • No stealing, leading off, bunting, HBP.  Can’t leave base until ball is hit.
  • 5 run limit per inning.  No run rule (5 run limit serves as run rule).  Bottom half of inning can still be played even if home team is up, depending on game flow and time available.
  • 4 outfielders must be in the grass.  Do NOT play extra infielders.
  • No coaches on the field during game play other than pitcher.
  • "Big Barrel" bats stamped USA Baseball certified are permitted.  "Big Barrel" bats stamped USSSA certified are NOT permitted.  USSSA Bats with no more than 2 ¼ " in diameter are permitted.

Baserunning Rules

  • Every runner is entitled to advancing one base for each at bat regardless of situation, "extra" bases is where the gray area occurs.
  • Best way to describe the rule is if the ball is in infield = Runners do not leave a base to advance.  
  • No advancement on overthrows, even if the throw goes back into the outfield.  We want to encourage the kids to try to make the play and get the experience without fear of giving extra bases.
  • If a ball being held by an outfielder, the runners are free to run until the fielder gets the ball in.
  • As a throw comes in to the infield, it may be very errant but should still halt the baserunning.
  • Coaches are encouraged to discuss baserunning with all base coaches before game to ensure everyone is on the same page

End of Season Playoffs

  • A single elimination tournament will be played to conclude the season.
  • The tournament games will have a larger time block to hopefully ensure the full 6 innings are played and allow for any extra inning that may be needed.
  • The same rules from the regular season will apply in the tournament, with one exception.  For the semifinals & finals, the 5 run limit per inning is lifted and replaced by a run rule of 15 after 4 or 10 after 5.

All-Star Week

  • In the week following the end of the playoffs, there will be an All-star tournament.
  • Each team will have a set number of participants to send to All-stars and 4 teams will be formed.
  • Practices will occur during the week and a doubleheader will be played on that Saturday.
  • The 5 run limit per inning does not apply for All-stars and is replaced by a run rule of 15 after 4 or 10 after 5.
  • Running on overthrows IS allowed for Allstars.  This essentially means runners may continue to run until the ball is under control on the infield.

Elite All-Stars

  • Following the All-star tournament, one elite All-star team will be formed to represent the entire league and compete against other area communities.
  • The team will be selected by the League Commissioner using input from coaches.
  • The team will hold some practices together before competing in the Rec All-star Tournament in Plain City July 24-26, 2020.