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WYB T-Ball Rules


The objective of T-Ball is to introduce baseball concepts to young players in a fun, relaxed environment.  Please note the following specific rules for WYB T-Ball:

  1.  There is no keeping score.

  2.  No "Big Barrel" bats are permitted.  Bats must be no more than 2 ¼ " in diameter.

  3.  No metal spikes are permitted.  

  4.  Only low-compression FlexiBalls are to be used in practices and games.

  5.  Base paths will measure 65 feet.

  6.  The HOME team will wear RED jerseys and sit in the first base dugout.  The AWAY team will wear BLUE jerseys and sit in the third base dugout.

  7.  All players present must be in the batting order.  Bat the entire roster every game – NOT EVERY INNING. Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed, but the batting order may not change. 

  8.  All batters, base runners, and catchers must wear protective headgear.  Position players carefully to avoid injury.  Be mindful of players with bats.

  9.  Games shall not exceed six (6) innings or one hour, whichever comes first.  Do not BEGIN an inning after fifty (50) minutes of play.

 10.  Every effort should be made to begin games and innings promptly.

 11.  There is no stealing or leading off.  No bunts.  No strikeouts.  No infield fly rule. 

 12.  When a player is called out, he/she will be removed from base.

 13.  Runners may advance more than one base if the ball has not yet been secured by the defense.

 14.  An inning is over and the side is retired after three outs are recorded, or six (6) players complete an at-bat, whichever comes first.

 15.  There are ten (10) players on defense.  Outfielders must be on or near the grass.  Catchers stand behind the tee and wear a batting helmet.  Please do NOT play extra infielders.  If less than 10 players are present, use less Outfielders.

 16.  Position the pitcher far enough from the batter to ensure safety.

 17.  Defensively, two coaches are permitted to assist in the field, typically behind the second baseman and the shortstop.  Coaches should NOT stop batted balls.  Offensively, one coach should be in/near the batter’s box assisting hitters, and one managing the “on deck” area.  First and third base coaches are encouraged to aid the base runners.