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USL RULE BOOK - Field Crosse Section 1

The pocket of the stick shall be strung with four or five longitudinal leather and/or synthetic thongs, 8-12 stitches of cross-lacing and no more than 2 “shooting/throw” strings. Mesh pockets are not allowed.

The crosse's overall length shall be between 35 1/2” minimum and 43 1/4” maximum.


USL RULE BOOK - Field Crosse Section 2 

A crosse meets specifications if:

b.The top of the ball remains above the top of the wooden or plastic wall after pressure has been applied to and released from a ball dropped into the pocket of a horizontally held crosse.

c. The ball moves freely within all parts of the head of the stick, both laterally and along its full length. 

Legal Women's Sticks - Listed by Manufacturer




USL RULE BOOK - Mouthpiece Section 8.

All players must properly wear a professionally manufactured intra-oral mouthpiece that fully covers the upper jaw teeth. The mouthpiece shall be of any readily visible color other than clear or white. It must not be altered to decrease protection, and there may be no protruding tabs for field players. It is recommended that the mouthpiece be properly fitted, for example, constructed from a model made from an impression of the individual’s teeth, constructed and fitted for the individual by impressing the teeth into the mouthpiece, or provided by a dental professional. 

Mouth guards for only the bottom teeth are NOT LEGAL for lacrosse play and most are not designed for contact sports.




USL RULE BOOK - Eye Protection Section 9

All field players must properly wear eye protection. Eye protection must meet the most current ASTM Specification Standard F803 for women’s lacrosse, must be tested by an accredited testing facility, and must be listed on the US Lacrosse web site.

US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Approved Eyewear List 




USL RULE BOOK - Footwear/ Cleats Section 11

Players must wear composition or rubber soled shoes. No spikes are allowed. Plastic, leather, or rubber cleats-studs may be worn.  




USL RULE BOOK - Other Personal Equipment Section 10

Close-fitting gloves and soft headgear may be worn by all players. Face masks are not allowed.  

Players may only wear securely taped Medic-alert jewelry with information visible and close-fitting cloth sweatbands. Any other adornment will be considered jewelry and may not be worn. Barrettes are legal as long as they do not endanger other players. 





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