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What is competitive cheerleading?

Competitive cheerleading is two cheer teams competing against each other at a competition.  At a typical cheerleading competition, teams perform a 2 and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling. Teams are judged on difficulty and execution by a panel of cheerleading experts. The winner in each division gets a trophy and bragging rights.  Competing as a cheerleader is really challenging, athletic, and so much fun!

Are there tryouts for the competition season?

Yes.  There are at least five judges who average the scores of each girl.  There is a minimum score to make a team, and team placement is based on scores as well as age.  We are looking for girls who love cheer and are willing to work hard to improve their skills.

Where are the competitions?

The competitions are generally within one hour from Warwick, and we also host our own competition.

How long is the season?

Practices start after tryouts in early fall, and competitions are typically January – March.  In November, practices increase to typically three days a week at Warwick schools, and teams attend between 6-10 competitions on weekends starting in January.  All competition attendance is mandatory, and girls are expected to attend every practice.  You will have the competition schedule far enough in advance to block off dates.  Girls are also expected to attend discounted – rate group tumbling classes to improve their skills.

How do I find out more information?

Please contact our Cheer Director, Brianna Stach, at briannastach@gmail.com or (845) 544-3743.