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Expectations of WYB Recreation League Baseball Players


The purpose of recreation baseball is to provide a positive opportunity for young baseball players to develop their skills and learn about baseball.  We expect all of our players to adhere to this code of conduct and the principles embodied in it. 
This document is posted on the WYB website to ensure that all coaches and parents are familiar with it.
Our players are expected to:
  • Exhibit sportsmanship at all times.  Whenever a player puts on a uniform he is representing not only his team, but also his family and his community​
  • Treat their teammates and opponents with respect​
  • Arrive on time for all games and practices, which includes allowing an appropriate amount of time to properly warm up​
  • Treat the umpires with respect, this includes calling them “Mr. Umpire” or “Sir,” not “Blue"​
  • Play hard at all times, during games and practices.