Bulverde, Spring Branch, Canyon Lake, and North San Antonio Little League. Comal County and Northern Bexar County. Softball and Baseball premier divisions for Tee ball through Seniors leagues.


Bulverde Little League Line of Communication Exhibit F


Conflicts or issues to be handled in the following process:

                Parents presents conflict or issue to manager.

                Manager presents conflict or issue to Division Manager.

                Division Manager will present conflict or issue to conflict/issue committee.

                The committee will either present the conflict or issue to the board of directors at the next

     meeting or respond through the preceding process back to originator.



Note: There will be no direct communication on any issue or conflict on a one on one basis with a division manager or board member, if this chain of communication is broken then the issue will be dropped. (Only exception to this will be on a complaint or issue with a Manager of a team, at this time a parent may reach out to the Division Manager directly)