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MonU Majors

The MonU Majors is MonU's adult league! The league began after we changed our by-laws to allow such a league to form. This friendly league is for men and women over the age of 19 to compete in friendly games with a chance to win the title! Anyone who wants to play is encouraged to register, no matter the experience-level.

This is a co-ed league. You will register as an individual, but you can request to be with a group or a team of individuals. If you do not have a team, we'll place you on one.

The MonU Majors play 7 on a field plus a goal keeper. There are 2 25-minute halves with a continuous clock. We play on half of a regular sized field. All players must wear shin guards. The referee may be a youth player so that that individual can gain a new perspective for the game. There are approximately 8 games per season; this includes playoffs. There are no guaranteed rain dates. Games will be played on Friday evenings at Windelstrae Park.

Register by clicking here!

Register here.