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Congratulations on being assigned to a travel team for the 2013-14 season. Please accept your roster position by 4/15/2013 by following this link and completing the registration process.
Registration to Open 4/9/2013.
The Board of Directors urges you to take 48 hours to consider your child's team assigment. If, after that time, you have questions or concerns about the assignment, please contact a board member via   No phone calls will be accepted.
The board wishes to thank the evaluators and coaches for their input into the tryout process.

Head Coaches and Assistants have been posted were known, if you are interested in helping at any level please contact and give a breif discription of your experience and certification.
Mite A   Mite B
Brown, J H   Boulanger, B
Browne, M   Burstiner, Z
Crowell, M   Desrosiers, N
Giles, B   Fernandes, T
Khameneh, M   Hawke, R
Kravec, J   Kappus, Z
Moreland, T   McCollam, G
Peterson, J   Oldham, R
Reidy, S   Sturdevant, C
Smeriglio, J   Whitehead, A
Tunno, N   Wu, B
Yates, D    
HC- Tunno   HC- Oldham
AC- Moreland   AC- Whitehead
AC- Browne   AC- McCollam
Squirt A   Squirt B
Abrams, S   Alfidi, L (G)
Boller, K   Almeida, M
Britton, A   Brooks, C
Browne, O   Eshraghi, A
Caiola, A   Furgala, J
Celentano, J   Granacker, K
Garvey, A   Hanniger, J
Golisano, L   McCarthy, D
Hayden, T   McGraw, C
Lamb, B   Merrill, B
Ludwig, G   Merrill, J
Murphy, B   Moore, I
Sandercox, G   O’Sullivan, J
Stackhouse, C   Poulas, D
Trew, B   Stefanelli, E
Turner, Q (G)   Wadwa, A
    Wallace, B
    Windas, J
    Wirth, P
HC- Interviews in Progress   HC- Interviews in Progress
Pee Wee A   Pee Wee B
Anderson, F   Berger, B
Conboy, Z   Berner, T
Dibble, A   Caiola, J
Gardner, A   Caldara, T
Gorman, C   Christian, T
Gregory, C   Coe, C (G)
Maguire, R (G)   Fitzsimmons, G
Manning, D   Freeman, J
Manning, T   Golisano, G
Oldham, J   Gray, A
Ralston, N   Kindred, M
Stackhouse, S   Pelisson, W
Whitehead, S   Riddle, M
    Stefanelli, J
    Waskeil, E
    Young, E (G)
HC- Dibble   HC- Interviews in Progress
Bantam A   Bantam B
Alfidi, D   Berner, T
Almeida, A   Berry, R (G)
Almeida, B   Bianco, C
Brown, J   Brestovansky, D
Caleri, N   Briscoe, M
Carlucci, M   Buonaiuto, N
Cartelli, D   Burke, M
Cox, E   Granacker, J
Dutt, M   Hawke, J
Fanning, S (G)   Hewitt, J
Hanley, J   MacNevin, C
Hayden, J   McCarthy, J
Marsh, D   Moore, J
Morlock, M   Phanuef, T
Paquin, B   Schiesser, T
Sanchez, N   Smolak-Traube, W (G)
Smith, I   Torre-Tasso, N
Trew, T   Wirth, A
HC- Moreland   HC- Interviews in Progress
AC- Hanely    
AC- Whitehead