This site is the home of Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association, a not-for-profit organization promoting lacrosse in the greater Santa Barbara area.


Thank you for joining the fastest growing game, America’s first sport.



Our philosophy is in align with US Lacrosse: “Honoring the Game”

Goal 1. Winning (is important)
Goal 2. Teaching Life lessons (is more important)

Honoring the Game goes to the ROOTS of the matter.
Respect the
ROOTS of Positive Play:

Rules: We refuse to bend the rules to win

Opponents: A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best

Officials: Show respect even when we disagree

Teammates: Never do anything to embarrass our team

Self: We live up to our own standards

Spring League Team Formation

  • Boys: Lower Division; Middle Division, Upper Divisions
  • Girls: Lower Division; Upper Divisions
  • Balanced Teams – based on review of age, size, grade and skill level. 
  • Teammate Request - SBLA will make every attempted to honor but not guarantee requests.
  • Late registering players joining the league will be placed on the team with the least number of players. 
  • Registration will remain open for the first half of the season.

Safety Focus

  1. SBLA will be applying the US LACROSSE Youth Rules 2013
  2. “It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.”  “Lacrosse is not football with a stick”           
  3. All players will be taught (we will make attempts to teach parents as well) what is Illegal contact and the penalties associated with the game.
    1. The Girls game has distinct differences from the boys rules.
    2. Illegal contact during a GAME will result in a 30 second to 2 minute penalty (placed in pentaly box) based on Officials decision.
    3. Illegal contact during a PRACTICE will result in push ups, running or some other activity based on coaches decision. 
    5. Any player who has multiple offensives of Illegal contact or behavior will be removed from the game or practice. Duration of removal from participation will be based on the type and number of offensives.
  4. Please see US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules or Women’s Rule Book for more details.
  5. Concussion:  If an athlete has sustained or has a suspected concussion: he/she will be removed from play, and then it is recommended that the player be seen by a health care professional experienced in evaluating for concussion.  The CDC guidelines will be applied in any suspected concussion: Fact Sheet for Coaches


  • We expect each player to have the appropriate gear.
  • For Boys, a protective cup is recommended for all players.
  • All players must have a mouth guard (boys and girls).
  • Loaner gear is available (boys and girls)
  • We encourage players to purchase their own gear and return the loaner gear as soon as they are able.  Note – local Big 5 and Sports Authority now have lacrosse gear, sticks and other equipment.


  • Location: Elings Park, Upper Soccer Fields
  • Time: 4:00 – 5:30 PM
  • Bring all necessary gear and equipment
  • Bring water
  • Lost and found is located at the Elings Park SBLA shed

Parent Manager
      We request that one parent from each team be assign to the bench side assisting the Team Coach (also in case Coach is not present). 
Score Table

  • Each team will provide one (1) capable individual to help at the scorers table (These two individuals will help run the clock and keep score on the players bench side, center of field)
  • Game will consist of four 10-minute stop-time quarters for U15 & U13; and 12-minute running time quarters for U11 & U9. 
  • In the event of a tie, 4-minute sudden-victory overtime periods will be played until a winner is determined (provided time permits and coaches and officials are in agreement). In sudden victory overtime, each team is entitled to one timeout per period.    NOTE:  US Lacrosse strongly discourages the use of a “braveheart” competition.

Game Format

  • Number of players on the field will be based on number of players that are present for the game.  We will start with 7 v 7 (6 field players, 1 goalie).  If each team has 8 players then the game will be 8 v 8, etc.
  • Substitutions (if needed) will be done “on the fly”.  Numbers of players will be agreed upon by the coaches.
  • Field Size will be decreased for the younger division and based on number of players. Aprox 80yds x 60yds.
  • At any point during a game when there is a four-goal lead, the team that is behind will be given the ball at the midfield line in lieu of a face-off as long as the four-goal lead is maintained, unless waived by the coach of the trailing team.
  • Also a 3-pass rule will be in effect before the team with at least a four-goal lead can shoot on goal.  Once the differential is less then 4 goals regular play will resume.


  1. Practice and Game Times will be posted on the website and text & email reminders will be sent (established during online registration)
    1. ALL Games and practices will be at Elings Park
  2. Parents/Spectators must be on the side of the field opposite the table and team bench areas
  3. Spectators and media, including photographers, are not allowed behind the end lines


Volunteer Tent

  • Volunteer tent will be available on most games
  • Food, drinks and apparel will be sold with the proceeds benefiting SBLA programs
  • SBLA does not require volunteering, though we strongly encourage it.
  • Please the SBLA Volunteer Coordinator (TBA) to coordinate your efforts with the tent.