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We strongly encourage an open dialogue between players, coaches, managers, volunteers and board members.  Often, disagreements and misunderstandings can be dealt with effectively and efficiently when they are articulated in a timely and responsible fashion to the appropriate people.

Suspension or Termination of any league volunteer (including managers and coaches) or any player is addressed in Section 4 of our Constitution, available on our website.  
To the extent any player, parent, volunteer, or umpire wishes to communicate a grievance regarding any player, parent, volunteer, umpire, or league policy, it should be submitted in written form to the league’s current president ( ).  If the grievance concerns the league president, it should be submitted to the league’s secretary ( ).  No particular form is required for a grievance, but it should provide as much information as possible concerning the relevant issues and the people involved.  A written grievance should also state the responsive action that is desired.
The league president or secretary will assign the investigation of a grievance to two current Board members, who will communicate with the grievant and gather the necessary information in order to present it to the full Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  When necessary, a special meeting may be called to consider a grievance.  Upon presentation of a grievance to the Board, as appropriate, the Board will either respond to the grievance in writing or communicate that additional investigation or inquiry is necessary.  In its discretion, the Board also may consider any oral presentation by interested individuals as part of its consideration of any grievance.
The Board is committed to handling grievances in a timely fashion.  Absent extraordinary circumstances, the Board will communicate its decision with respect to a grievance in writing within seven days of the Board’s consideration of the grievance.
Any questions concerning this procedures should be addressed to the league’s president or secretary.