Granby Little LeagueP.O. Box 115Granby, CT 06035


Granby Little League (GLL) is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization serving the girls and boys ages 4-15 of Granby, CT.  We offer a variety of Softball and Baseball programs providing a safe, instructional and fun environment for our children to learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.

Baseball Little League age for the 2017 season is determined by using the chart found in this link:

2017 Baseball Age Chart

We offer a Co-ed and Girls only T-Ball program for player ages 4 - 6.  There is one practice and one game per week.  We do not keep score, each batter bats every inning and the game lasts for 3 innings. There are no outs and all players reach base safely.

Farm Ball is offered to player ages 7 and 8.  This typically a Coach or Machine pitch league.  Like Tee Ball, there is one practice and one 3 inning game per week.  There is no score, but players do make outs.  This league is made up of Granby and East Granby teams.

Minors consists of the AA and AAA divisions.  These two divisions are typically made up of players between the ages of 8-11 and offer the players the first chance to pitch from 46 feet.  The game continues for 6 innings, umpires are provided and score is kept.  There are rules in place to limit excessive base stealing and to encourage catcher development.  There are typically three events in any given week wth a mix of games and practices.  The Baseball league is made up of teams in both Granby and East Granby.

Majors is the most competitive divisions and it can be made up of player ages 11 - 12.  The game is still played on a 60 ft base path and the pitchers throw from 46 feet.  There are still some rules in place to curb excessive stealing but this level plays pretty close to real baseball rules.  Expect two-three games a week of 6 inning games with a practice.  The Baseball league is made up of teams in both Granby and East Granby whereas the Softball league will compete against other area towns.

Juniors level plays on the real baseball diamond - 90 foot base paths and pitchers throw from 60 feet.  Player ages 13-15 years old.  Home games are played at Ahrens Field and there is travel involved to other area towns.

Little League International is the governing body and has rules regarding age and residence eligibility, playing time, playing rules and safety.  GLL is one of many local area Little Leagues and plays in Connecticut District 6.  GLL administers youth baseball for our town and adopts local rules (where permisable) to make our league best fit our town's needs.

GLL is comprised of Board members who are elected to two year terms.  The Board works throughout the year to make sure that the 350+ Granby kids have good fields, coaches, equipment, schedules, uniforms and umpires.  The cost to run the league is paid almost entirely by League registration fees.