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TDA is an optional program available to families that want Professional Coaching Instruction for their child ages 10-13 years old. Signing up for this program will guarantee your child gets professional coaches working with them one to two times per week depending on the season, for an hour each session.

For the Fall and Spring Session, training is outdoors from 7:30-9 pm. Families may choose Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday. League play is organized via the Recreational Program.  Saturday Games are played at Conover Park. For the Winter Session, training is indoors and the time is 5:30-7pm on Saturday. There are no games included in the Winter session.

Seasonal Training Times and Locations are Outlined during the Registration Process

Fall 8-Week Program (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday)

Winter 8-Week Program (Saturday)

Spring 8-Week Program (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday)

Below are the details for the Technical Development Academy Plus (TDA+) Soccer program. Registering early will help us ensure the highest level of efficiency in organization of groups to allow us to provide your child with the best possible soccer experience.

As a pre-requisite to understand your child's suitability for this program, players should have previously participated in and demonstrated an aptitude for organized soccer activity. The program is instructional and while fun is an integral part of the program, it should be understood that the emphasis on learning of technical soccer skills will be key to program success.

Eligible Participants

10-13 year old Boys and Girls (U11-U14)

Basic Description

All players will follow a detailed technical curriculum in a small sided game format (5v5, 7v7, 9v9)


All training sessions will be delivered by WWPSA professional trainers. Training will be based on the following general format:

  • Juggling and Ball Manipulation

  • FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program

  • Technical Skills Curriculum (Dribbling, Passing/Receiving and Shooting)

  • Small-Sided Games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 or 9v9)

  • 8 week program

  • 2 x 90-minute training sessions per week for Fall, Spring

Initially Training groups will be determined by age, however after assessment, groups will be orgainzed by ability with no player movement allowed without the recommendation of the professional trainer.

Training sessions run from 7:30-9 PM for Fall and Spring

Parents must select training days at registration (either Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thurs.)

Requests - We will try to honor requests once assessments have been made, however parents should understand that since groups are formed on ability, a request to move a player may have detrimental results on your child's soccer development.

For information regarding the TDA+ training curriculum please contact tda@wwpsa.org

Season long Detailed Learning Outcomes are available here


Game Format

Technical Development Academy players will also participate in small-sided games on Saturdays. Game formats will be as follows:

  • Games at the weekend – Saturday afternoons.

  • Games are 9v9

  • Teams are formed in each age / gender group

  • Teams are equal, not select. Roster size approx. 8 players

  • Fields are approx. 60 x 40 yds

  • Games are pickup style, played with the Rec program at Conover Park

  • Goal frames will be sharpshooters (5’ x 6’)

  • FIFA rules apply with the following modifications:

    • NO offsides will be called.

    • Parents are required to be on the opposite sideline from the players (not on the goal line or in between the fields.) No parent ’coaching’ permitted

The games are an opportunity for the players to demonstrate learned skills from weekly practices. The guided discovery method will allow the player to be the decision maker within the game. Therefore, coaching in the game is very, very limited. Referees will provide instruction on rules, however simple tactical decisions are made by the players and NOT the parents or Coaches.

These games will be "home vs home" games. In other words, players will play in a team vs. other teams from the TDA and Rec Leagues.


Training Duration: May Vary Based on Season, intervals of 6 to 10 weeks

Location: Fields Located in the West Windsor or Plainsboro Townships

Days / Dates: Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thur, OR Saturday Or Sunday. Fall and Spring Seasons include one weekend game day Saturday OR Sunday.

Times: 7:30-9 PM for TDA in Fall and Spring, may vary in Winter

Games: On weekends in Fall and Spring, may vary in Winter


If weather or other reasons require a program-wide cancelation, or field closures, the cancelation will be posted on www.wwpsa.org and/or emailed as follows:

  • Saturdays: Cancelations will be Communicated by Email by 8 AM

  • Weeknights: Cancelations and field closures will be communicated by email 4 PM on the day of the session

As an FYI, we may play on in the event of rain. However, thunder/lightning will result in clearing the field for at least 30 minutes from the last evidence of thunder/lightning.


Should you have additional questions, please contact TDA Administration via email at tda@wwpsa.org


All training and soccer instruction will be delivered by professional trainers. However, all families are expected to fulfill a volunteer role. WWPSA is fundamentally a volunteer-run and managed non-profit Association. The fees collected for the Technical Development Academy cover directly related costs such as professional training, referee fees, facilities, equipment, insurance, player "carding," online registration, website, and so on. The fees DO NOT include program administration, game day management, festival staffing, etc. Without each family performing a volunteer duty (which can be as little as one or two hours on a Festival Day), this program would likely cost twice as much as it does today. Therefore, we hope that you will help us to make this a successful program by offering to help in whichever way works best for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration, Carding and Uniforms

Players would be registered members of WWPSA.

Players will need to purchase a basic WWPSA uniform set (green and white shirts, shorts, socks.) Please do this at Program Registration - you will then be notified when your uniform is available to pick up.


The program cost varies each season. Costs reflect the following:

  • Ratio of approx 1 professional per 12 registered players maximum

  • Schedule of 8 weeks x 2 training sessions with anticipated loss of 1 week/season for inclement weather

  • 1 weekend game/week (8 weeks) with anticipated loss of 1 or 2 weeks/ season

  • Big Brother / Big Sister Support (Coaching / Refereeing) During Games

  • Facilities fees

  • Administrative fees


Online Registration is open (please click link). All age-eligible players will be accepted in the program in the 2018 season. Families should determine if this is the appropriate program for their player or whether other programs offered by WWPSA (including Spring Rec Soccer) will be more appropriate. Please note that an administration fee may be charged for program transfer.