Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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Just Starting Out: A BYB Primer for Families with Young Children

Welcome to Brookline Youth Baseball! We are proud of our league in Brookline and look forward to having you and your kids spend many enjoyable years playing here. We know that for first-time parents and kids, there are many of questions about getting involved with baseball.


We have excellent outdoor programs spring through fall. You can read all about them under the Programs tab. For families with young children – Kindergarten through 2nd grade –  BYB is an excellent opportunity to explore team socialization and skill building. Starting in 3rd grade, the opportunities for play increase dramatically, from our expanded summer programming to our fall travel ball opportunities.

What’s important?

We feel strongly that baseball should be safe and fun for everyone.  Our code of conduct can be found here.

In the Instructional and AA Leagues, parents should plan to stay with their children during practices and games, or have a responsible adult designated to be present. We do not provide child-sitting! The coaches are there to help everyone learn.

Participation is always on a best you can do basis in these leagues. We know that families with young kids are strapped for time and transportation; if you can’t make it on a given day, there is never a penalty.


  • We try to build school-centered teams at this age, which makes carpooling easier, and supports natural social development.
  • Every coach needs help! For teams with young kids, having many extra hands to help throw and catch is very important. When the team is at bat, it’s helpful to the coach to have parents to manage the bench, keep the kids under control and keep the batting order in place. Coaches can more easily focus on the players, practices and games if parents maintain email lists and coordinate and send communications throughout the season. This also facilitates a sense of “team community” among families.

Who can play?

BYB is open to both boys and girls who live in or attend school in Brookline, or whose parents work for the Town of Brookline. We cannot accept registrations from children who do not meet these criteria. If you have any questions, please email the

In the early years, we build teams that are school-centered, which means that kids from the same public school will likely play on the same team. Kids from private schools will likely be placed according to their public school residence zone. We work hard to accommodate carpool needs, so please let us know about those in the comments section when you register.

Who can coach?

Anyone with a love of baseball and for working with children! If you played ball as a kid, high schooler or collegiate, we really want you to coach! If you have no experience with baseball but are organized and willing to learn, we want you to coach! Coaching is the lifeblood of our organization and we always need hands. Please read “Coaching is...” on our home page.

All adults in a position of managing children will need to pass a state CORI evaluation. For more information or if you have concerns, please contact our .


Every player needs a glove. Beyond that, BYB provides bats, helmets, baseballs and all other equipment for the games. For each season, we provide jerseys and caps. Since kids love to have their own equipment (and in some cases, it’s a good idea), we provide the following recommendations:

• Helmets: it’s a great idea to purchase a batting helmet for your child, one that fits correctly and is free of dirt and dust and lice and other fun stuff.
• Pants: since baseball involves occasionally making contact with the ground, we recommend that no shorts be worn. Baseball pants are recommended and can be found at most all good sporting goods stores.
• Bats: every kid wants a new bat, and that’s because they’re so cool. But we recommend waiting until the season begins, and let the coach and child experiment with different bat sizes and weights before you spend your money. Especially at the early ages, we see kids show up with bats that are too big for them, and they are unable to find success in the part of the game that is the most fun: hitting.

League Leadership

Each league is run by a League Commissioner: a volunteer who likely has a child in the program and who has been a coach. For Instructional and AA, they are listed below. Feel free to address any questions that you may have to them.

Thanks for reading. If you have any other questions, please contact: