The purpose of the Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association is to develop, promote, govern, and perpetuate the game of soccer for the youth of Lawrence Township, NJ. It is our goal to provide a soccer environment that stresses a relaxed, fun-oriented approach

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Resources for Coaches

Recreational Material
Please find below detailed age-appropriate session plans, skills videos, and proven tips and techniques to help you coach your teams. More info may be found in the LHSA > DOCUMENTS section of this website.


Age Specific
Sessions Plans

Technical Skills

Coaching Tips

Coaching Means Correcting

Concussion Training
Please take some time to review the concussion training program. The training is extremely valuable given the emerging concern of concussions within the sports world. LHSA strongly encourages its coaches to educate themselves on concussions and practicing the proper procedures advised within the training. 

CDC "Heads-Up" Concussion Training Program


Working With Recreation Referees
Please note that the recreation referees are also part of a team, are also being coached for development, and need to be positively and constructively assisted and ultimately entrusted to make the final decisions at game time.

The referees are never to be argued with or ignored. Just as we expect field players to be coached so they can make their own decisions on the field of play, so it is with the referees. Yes, they will make mistakes, but with proper coaching, they will learn from those situations and become better, more confident referees in the next game.

If you feel a particular situation needs more review, please contact the referee coach at .