The purpose of the Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association is to develop, promote, govern, and perpetuate the game of soccer for the youth of Lawrence Township, NJ. It is our goal to provide a soccer environment that stresses a relaxed, fun-oriented approach

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Tom Foltiny, Fundrasing Co-Chairman
Dave Krisak, Fundraising Co-Chairman

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LHSA is a 501(c)(3) that is dependent on the support of a vast array of volunteers - parents, coaches, managers, league representatives and board members.  It takes a considerable amount of funds to run a successful club and cover expenses - league registration fees, tournament fees, referee fees and training.  Fortunately, our annual club dues and registration fees cover the majority of these costs, but additional revenue from fundraisers, sponsors and other sources is also critical to provide resources to our players and ensure their continued development.

The availability and quality of our playing fields is a major concern for all of us.  This is one expense that is not covered by the aforementioned dues and fees.  In the long term, we would like to expand the number of fields we have at our disposal whether they be turf or natural grass.  This obviously entails significant funding which currently is beyond our means.  In the short term, we would like to improve the quality of the fields we have and rent additional fields as needed.  Initially our primary focus will be generating funds to cover the expense associated with the rental, maintenance, and acquisition of fields.  As new needs and goals are identified our focus and distribution of funds will shift accordingly.

Thank you for your support of LHSA!