Triboro Youth Hockey services Marlboro, Southboro and Westboro.

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Where do I find my child's team page?

Go to the "Team" Tab section at the top of the page and then select the "League" or division your child plays in and then select the "Team" that they play on.

How come I can't open the Roster tab - I am prompted for a password?

In order to protect the privacy of our players, we have password protected every team roster.  Your child's coach will have this password before the season begins.  Your password will only work for your team.

How can I "Edit my Account"?

If you would like to update any information about your family, go to the "Edit my account" tab on the left hand menu of the "Association" tab.  You will be prompted for the email address that you used when you registered in the spring.  Type in your email and leave the password blank.  You will then be emailed a temporary password.  Check your email and then go back to "Edit my account" and enter the password.  If the email doesn't arrive promptly (aol members in particular), please wait till you get an email rather than submitting a new password request to the website.

Once you get into your account you can change your password.  You may also change any address, phone and email information.  Please note that when you are editing your account you will see a checkbox next to each address element.  Should you not want certain information shown on the roster pages, just uncheck an address element.  We have set up all players information to have only home phone and email shown.   This is to allow for all team members to be able to communicate with one another.  If you would like to show more information to fellow team members check the appropriate boxes.

If when you enter your email address, the website doesn't recognize it, please email the with your name, address, child's name and team and the email address you would like on the website.   After the webmater enters your email address you can then edit your account online with the procedure decribed above.

If you don't know your email address, go to your childs team page, go into the roster section and click on your own name.  This should open your email program and tell you what email is associated with your name.  If you can't click on your name, you didn't submit one to Triboro.  then email the webmaster you contact info so he may add your email address.

I have been getting emails from Triboro - how can my husband get these emails as well?

If you would like to add another parents information, then just go to the "Edit my account" tab and check "Add parent" and enter the appropriate information.  By adding another parent, with a different email address, it ensures that any team or assocation communication will be sent to both parents.  Please feel free to add both parents.

Our schedule is wrong!  How come I noticed on the NYHL site that our game is at a different time?

If you notice inconsistencies in schedule information for your team, please contact the coach or team manager immediately.  They will contact the respective League Rep for Triboro to understand the issue.  They will then notify the website for corrections.

How do I download Team Schedules for use in Outlook
Go to the "Teams" page and select "Schedules".  Then click the Download button in the middle of the page.  If you have more than one child in the program, Click "Multi-schedule" on the left bar, select the teams that you want to download, check the box for downloading and hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  Both options will create a text file you can save on your computer.  Then go into Outlook and select "File", then "Import", then "Import from another Program", then "Comma Separated File (Windows)" and then pick the file you just saved to your computer and import it into your calendar.