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Where to Buy Gear

The availability of lacrosse equipment in local sporting goods stores is starting to grow.  

Boy's Lacrosse Sticks

There are many lacrosse sticks on the market.  Beginner sticks are sold "complete," meaning the handle comes with a strung head on it.  Most higher-end sticks are sold as separate components and, therefore, are highly customizable.


Some entry-level sticks include:  Brine (Recruit $29), STX (AV8 U $35), Gait (Icon 2.5), Maverik (Bad Boy$39), Reebok (3K), and Warrior (Joker X $39).  The Warrior Outlaw in not recommended!
To purchase the above sticks click on their name.

Experienced and/or older players should upgrade their handles; the basic aluminum ones tend to dent or bend quite easily.

Boy's Lacrosse Protective Gear

Many vendors sell sets of boy's beginner lacrosse equipment.  The sets usually include shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves; some also include a helmet and a stick.  Expect to pay $70 or more for a basic starter set and $175-$200 for a complete gear package.

The follow manufacturers offer starter sets:  Adidas (Versa), Brine (King Jr.), Gait (Icon), Maverik (Bad Boy), Reebok (3K), STX (Stinger), and Warrior (Tempo Elite). 


Discounts and Deals


SportsStop has a program that allows you to share the Rewards Points you receive from buying gear with SBLA. For every $1 you spend at you receive 3 Reward Points that can be redeemed for a $5 gift certificate once you accumulate 500 Points. 

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You can find SBLA when choosing a share organization by choosing United States, then California, then Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association in the dropdown menus.


Starter Sets

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