South County Sports Club promotes youth athletic excellence, provide access to sports in southern Fairfax County (Virginia) for area youth to improve the lives of young players.
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Virginia Broncos Summer League (VBSL)

The Virginia Broncos Summer League (VBSL) is a non-profit athletic organization designed to provide young athletes (ages 8-19) with a forum to develop and display their basketball skills and talents. The VBSL emphasizes the importance of education, sportsmanship, and teamwork. As a result, the VBSL maintains positive relations with city managers, city schools, community businesses, and nearby neighborhoods.

The program also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with the common goal of competing, learning and socializing. This helps to instill in our youth the vital developmental assets of fair play, hard work, and racial equality.

The Virginia Broncos Summer League (VBSL): July 1st  -  31st
Online Registration at:

Registration Fee: $110.00 + $5.50= Total Cost: $115.50
*Includes Fairfax County Dept of Community and Recreation $5.50 per player

Participants can expect the finest coaching, competition, and exposure in the country. Rich in tradition, the VBSL plays a national schedule of games against the best teams from across the country. These events are the apex of amateur basketball and are often a must-attend for college recruiters.

Playing the best in competition helps raise our players’ abilities to another level. It is very important to work with all of our young players to help to develop their skills. Increased exposure is another important reason we have so many trips and tournaments. This issue is very basic. The more accessible the players are for the recruiters to see and evaluate them, the better the opportunity they have to receive a scholarship.


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