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Shooting Progression Workout
This workout is designed to help players develop proper shooting mechanics as well as shot power. this workout is also designed for a player to do on his own or with friends. If you do not have access to a goal use tennis balls (old ones are better) in your backyard against a wall, house, garage door, etc...
Key things to focus on:
- Everything is overhand
- No more than one partial cradle. No multiple cradles.
- Hands are at the bottom of the stick with space equal to about one rulers length between right and left gloves (12 inches).
- Do not bounce the ball. Shoot high to low and aim for net.
- Keep your hands soft. No "death grip" on the stick.
- Focus on rotating shoulder and torso
- Keep hands high and away from your body.
Shooting Progression Workout
1.  On both knees  with hips squarely facing the goal.          50 right     50 left
2.  On one knee with hips facing goal                                    50 right      50 left
3.  Standing with hips squarely facing goal. Keep feet          50 right      50 left
4.  Time and room with crow hop.                                          50 right      50 left
6.  Split dodge and shoot on the run. Get shot off within       50 right      50 left
     four yards after exiting dodge.