Valley Youth Hockey is a Tier II association based at Onondaga Nation Arena and Meachem Rink in Syracuse, NY.

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Parent Ed -- Required Reading


VYHA Code of Conduct

USA Hockey Codes of Conduct

USA Hockey Coaching Ethics


How, Why, Why not...


What Hockey Teaches

Video Quantifies Cross-Ice Advantages (click on video embedded below)

Slaps Shooter's 10 Commandments of Sportsmanship by Dan Saferstein

Hockey 101: A Beginner's Guide to Ice Hockey

USA Hockey American Developmental Model: Age-specific topics

USA Hockey Rule Book & Resources

An American Hockey Parent Guidebook

New Hockey Parent Do’s and Don’ts by JRiddall

So You’re Signing Your Kid Up for Hockey Eh? by JRiddall

Let Kids be Kids: A Letter to Parents

USA Hockey Parents: Helping Parents Enjoy Their Youth Hockey Experience

One Tank of Gas at a Time by Harry Thompson

10 Sanity Tips for Minor Hockey Parents by Jamie McKinven

How to Start Playing Hockey – Guide for Parents and Kids

Pass the Puck -- a website for coaches (interesting to parents and players also)

Hockey Clock Manual for Meachem Rink 

Hockey Clock Instructions with simulator

How to Be a Game Timekeeper, Official Scorer, or Penalty Bench Attendant, and How to Talk to the Refs

12U: 5 Ways to Prepare for Body Contact and Checking

Checking the Right Way for Youth Hockey


Hockey Lingo




Virginia Tech Hockey Helmet Ratings

Hockey Helmet Fitting Guide

Legal and Illegal Goalkeeper Masks

How to Properly Fit Hockey Skates

Hockey Equipment Buying Guide – For Parents / Kids

What Kind of Skates & Sticks to Buy?

How a Pro Tapes His Stick




Heads Up, Don't Duck!


What is a concussion? (CDC)


Brain Injury Basics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC)

Heads Up Hockey Guide

(with forward by Ron Wilson Head Coach, 2010 United States Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team & National Coaching Advisor, Heads Up Hockey)

Heads Up Hockey Quick Reference

Youth Ice Hockey Safety Tips

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Sports Concussion Library

Repetitive Head Impacts: A Growing Concern in Youth Sports

Concussion Information from USA Hockey

Concussion: What to Look For, What to Do

Facts and Prevention from Hockey Canada

How a Concussion Occurs

Hockey Blogs & News


Syracuse Hockey Mom's Network: blog by local news anchor, author, and hockey mom, Christie Casciano

The Rookie Hockey Mom: more good stuff by another veteran hockey mom

MiHockeyKid: a hockey dad's perspective

Hockey Topics from the NY Times


Useful Apps


VYHA apps -- check team schedules, get rink directions, get coach contact info, view game results & scores.

USA Hockey Mobile Coach -- "practice plans, skills manuals, videos and more"

Twitter apps 

Get an app if you'd like to tweet game updates to Valley's home page and to your followers.

Please create a username that has your team name in it, such as "SquirtRedMom43" or "BantamTravelDad", or "GoMiteBlues".

Email your username to the  so VYHA can follow you. After VYHA follows you, your game updates will be delivered immediately to our game update twitter feed!


Get free app and account, stream live game videos on your smart phone to the folks who can't be at the game (must have decent wifi or cell connection -- be aware that streaming video can use up a LOT of data! An average squirt game of 36 playing minutes will use between 0.4-0.6GB to stream to Livestream). 

Live in Five

Android app -- easy to use and works well. * Users will be required to log in Google account for the first use, and to enter to activate LIVE STREAM function.