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As a Maplewood Lacrosse Club player, I will:


• I will make a commitment to lacrosse, attending practices and games as scheduled and on time. I will work independently at home on the fundamentals learned in team practices to build my personal skills.

• I will communicate with my coaches. I will notify them if I am unable to practice or attend a game, or if there
are any circumstances that prevent me from fully participating.

• I will arrive prepared for practices and games. I will wear all elements of the current uniform and required equipment. I will label and fill my own water bottle, remembering to take it to the field, and bring it home.


• I will represent Maplewood Lacrosse Club and my town well, by showing respect for the game, my coaches,
my teammates, the fans, and the officials. 

• I will respect the facilities where we play, and pick up after myself and others.

• I will not use foul or inappropriate language.

• I will do my best to listen and learn. I will not allow my behavior to disrupt practices.

 I will complete my schoolwork on time and to the best of my ability.

• I will try to remember to express thanks to my coaches and to my parents.


• I will play fairly and follow the rules and regulations of the game. I will not argue with the referees.

• I will be modest when victorious and gracious when defeated.

• I will demonstrate a positive attitude at all times. I will encourage and congratulate my teammates,
and refrain from criticism. I will allow the coach to be the coach.

• I will strive to lead by example, on and off the field.