The purpose of the Lawrence Hamnett Soccer Association is to develop, promote, govern, and perpetuate the game of soccer for the youth of Lawrence Township, NJ. It is our goal to provide a soccer environment that stresses a relaxed, fun-oriented approach

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Kay Bidle, Vice President, Competitive Division

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The overarching mission of LHSA's Competitive Program is to reinforce the US Soccer Federation's core philosophy of fostering player development over winning through age appropriate instruction, effective training, fun, and competition.

Our primary goal is to develop confidence in technical ability and tactical understanding through guided discovery and facilitated learning.  We aim to develop Lawrence Township players both physically and emotionally in order to compete at the highest level of their ability and foster a true appreciation of the 'beautiful game'.  Since travel teams are "competitive" by their very nature, not all youth soccer players will have the technical ability, desire or maturity to participate and compete at this level.

LHSA is committed to staying ‘small-sided longer’ and is in the process of transitioning this approach into its competitive division curriculum.


LHSA provides soccer education and instruction in part through competition in youth soccer leagues. Our club has relationships with several different leagues, and assigns teams to leagues based on their needs.
The playing year is typically divided into two (2) separate seasons:

  • The FALL SEASON generally begins in September and runs through late November.
  • The SPRING SEASON generally begins in mid-March and ends in late May or early June.

Competitive teams may supplement their training during the winter months by training indoors and/or participating in indoor leagues in late Novemver through February. Each team determines its own winter training regimen. Some teams may even arrange for summer programs, but this is less common.


The Lawrence Hamnett coaching staff includes highly trained instructors from the New York Red Bulls Training Program who work with our competitive players all season. Each team has a custom development plan, receives game day analysis and support, and complimentary access to the Red Bulls online training curriculum including skills videos, practice sessions, and more. Volunteer coaches also have access to special New York Red Bulls coaching seminars.

Many of our teams attend Red Bulls soccer camps and pre-season training sessions, as well as a Red Bulls match at Red Bull Arena each season. A few teams are even selected to participate as ball boys and girls at an MLS game.


To participate at the competitive level, players must tryout for a team based on their year of birth. Please refer to the Age Group Chart to determine the appropriate team for your child. Unless a team has an unexpected opening during the season, the only way to join a team is through that team's OPEN tryout in the spring.

Each team is required to have an OPEN tryout annually. Any previously rostered players must compete with any potential new players for a spot on the roster for the subsequent year. Players are selected immediately following these tryouts and will be notified in person or by phone. The authority to cut an existing player or add a new player is the sole responsibility of the team coaches.

U8 and Above: Open tryouts are held annually between mid-April and late May near the end of the spring season. Players on these teams stay together for two consecutive seasons (fall and spring).

Open Tryout Schedule: Team tryout dates, locations, and details will be posted on the LHSA website and advertised in local newspapers and public schools a few weeks in advance.

Mid-season Tryouts: Additional try-outs may be held at the discretion of the coach if roster slots need to be filled. Such try-outs may not be used to displace an active player on the roster. Candidates are welcome to contact coaches to determine if a mid-season tryout is possible.

Playing Up: UPDATE - The following Policy is not being enforced in 2018, except for the 2011 birthyear team! Players may try out for an older team WITHOUT advance permission for all age groups except the 2011 team.
Players wishing to participate on an older age group team must seek permission from Lawrence Hamnett's Competitive Division Vice President BEFORE trying out with an older team. Consideration is given in the following situations:

  1. There is no appropriately aged team for the player to play on;
  2. The appropriately aged team does not have an available roster spot;
  3. Players on the appropriately aged team are in a lower school grade (e.g. candidate is enrolled in 7th grade, but team's players are in 6th grade);
  4. Upon review by Competitive Subcommittee, it is deemed to be in the best interest of the player’s long term development and LHSA philosophies.