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WCYHA Jr. Colonials Ed Matthews Award

Recognizing players who play their full youth career with WCYHA (full youth career is defined as first year squirt through second year bantam).

As a founding father of our organization , Mr. Matthews' untiring and commitment to the sport is embodied in all the WCYHA players past, present and future.

2005-2006 Robbie Norling
2007-2008 Andrew Creaturo & Hunter Dolyak
2008-2009 Luiz Dibble & Evan Isaac
2009-2010 Andrew Cameron, Matt Hallock, Trevor Kurijaka & Brian Gunn
2010-2011 Steven Almeida, Brian Gregory, Dan Harrison, Kevin Keiser & Cooper McLean
2011-2012 Parker Evans & Kyle Fayette
2012-2013 Marko Pilepich & James VanTronk