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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA February 28, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:34 pm by President Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Rob Hanson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Mark Klein, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Bill Jacob, Kara Chamberlain, Steve Krahn, Brent Eilefson, Rick LaPorte, Tom Rodefeld
Board Members Absent: Adam Schmidt, Nicki Oswald
Guests:  Mark Hentges, Bridgette Gombold, Bruce Neumann, Andrea Neumann, James Sigmundik, Brittany Sigmundik, Tim Manson
Minutes:  The minutes of the January Board meeting were read. 
 Mark Klein moved to approve January board meeting minutes as read.   Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Friendly Chev $500 donation and tchotchkes received.  Thanks!  Need to follow-up with Adam Schmidt about contact with MV HS coach re co-op.
Vice President:  Discussed MV failing to honor tourney agreement by not registering all its eligible teams.  But remain interested in a MV co-op.  Volunteer hour issue.  No checks will be cashed due to less opportunities and difficult tracking system.  No easy way this year to track with co-op, etc.  Next year we’ll dial this in better.
Secretary:  Elections are coming, spam to get interest.  President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, and D10 Rep.  Start thinking about what position you most covet.
Treasurer:  Financials sent to board.  Discussed revenue and expenses.  Looking to end up $15k short, though with outstanding debts collected could pull to near even.  Discussed level of bad debt.  Recapped earlier decision to submit past player debt to collection agency.  Attended LR meeting.  $2000 check from LR.  Thanks again Lake Region!!   
Boys Program Coordinator:   Numbers for next year are low, just based on birthdate.  33 squirts.  31 peewees.  25 bantams.  Talked to Adam re discussion with MV HS coach and youth co-op.  Word on the street is St. Francis co-op not likely.  Will cast the net to surrounding areas re co-op next year.  Discussion about doing things differently next season to ensure our kids are developing—dryland, skills clinics and more ice.  Make sure we don’t lose focus on developing these kids, especially in a small association.  Player Coach Development Committee should address.  Ultimately, this is about the kids and the fact that parents might complain about dryland, skills clinics, etc., should not drive decisions.     
Girls Program Coordinator:  Girls complete.  Survey sent.  Roseville experience was great.  Would like to do that next year.  For next season, solid numbers for a full team at U12, near complete U14 team, short a bit at U10.  Run 3 teams next year is plan.       
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Maternity leave.  Baby boy!
District Representative:  No report.
Ice Commissioner:  Got computer.  Roughly 11 hours of ice went unused, primarily due to the fact that we were short ice.  Need more ice next season!  Struggle to balance ice usage among levels, people complain about having too much ice, people complain about not having enough ice.  General sense that it is better to have too much ice. 
Registration coordinator:  Discussed player movement questions, in the event of injuries and such.
Equipment Manager:  Jersey turn in date, March 9.  Coaches/managers, look for emails!   
Boys HS Coach:  Absent.  Has been speaking with MV coach re potential co-op at youth level.  Both HS coaches support this.
Girls HS Coach:   45 hour summer league and camp.  Current U12 and up.  Watch for this information.  HS girls will be buying breezers, helmets and gloves.  Watch for this info so older girls in particular are buying the right color gear.  HS girls were helping out this season, good to see.  Congrats on the run to state!!!
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:     
Lake Region:  Bill attended meeting.  $5k owed still from November tourney proceeds, which comes from LR.  MV says check is in the mail.
Fundraising Committee:  Starting to explore fundraising opportunities.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.
Website Update:   
Old Business
1.             SKATE update—Andrea Neumann:  Last chance!!!  Send in your report cards or other proof of eligibility (report cards will be held in strict confidence).   Banquet March 26, at Highview, 6:30 pm.  Report cards should be sent in, either hard copy or email.  See website for details.  I only have about 45 players on the list right now, and they are coming from 13 different schools in our association.  I'm really excited about the donation from the Carroll Goalie School - I have about $1600 in prizes ($500 from IHOP and $375 from Schwann's).  I am still working to get more prizes - because most of them are food prizes.  My goal is to make sure that every player feels "valued" for their accomplishments and that they go home with something nice.  The "super secret guest" has not materialized - I may have to pass this time.  Like I've said before, this is a learning process for me.  Other associations report that the program grows over time—Board reaffirms that it is very important to tie school-work to sports.  Thank you Andrea for the ton of work you are doing with this!!
New Business:  
1.             Co-Op survey.  60 responses received.  38 support, 25 said no, 5 maybe.  Travel distance, coaches, parent issues biggest comments.  Some threaten to leave.  No response treated as tacit consent.  So takeaway, is a yes to co-op.  Ultimately the players’ best interest is the bottom line, regardless of how inconvenient it may be for the parents.  Having kids play at the right level cannot be emphasized enough.  Next year’s playing level discussion.  Bantam is only absolute level we need a co-op it appears, without considering depth of talent, etc.  Reminder that we want to field at least an A team at every level.  Need to talk to current season coaches about talent, figure out who’s coming back at what levels.        
                Kara Chamberlain moved to direct the Board to explore a co-op at all levels less initiation, including whole-association co-op if an option.  Rob Hanson second.  Motion passed. 
2.             Playing levels for next year – discussed in #1 above. 
3.             Tryout Manual – discussion around tryout process next season.  Seeking transparency and consistency.  Proposal circulated to Board, need more time to review and think about it.   
4.             Coaches selection process – discussion around coach selection process.  Proposal circulated to Board, need more time to review and think about it.  Seek to ensure that the best coaches are selected to coach.   
5.             Election—start thinking about positions.  Open are President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, District 10 Rep.
6.             Squirt B1 tourney – Squirts have had a great season and are still going.  Invited to play in “state tourney” hosted by Youth Hockey Hub.  Cost is around $1300, normal state/region tourney fees are around $400-$500.
                Shari Kunza moved to approve IYHA contributing $650 toward cost.  Steve Krahn second.  Motion passed.  Kara Chamberlain abstained.
                Kara Chamberlain moved to offer as a raffle item, as a test, at the 2013 Pinewood carnival, 1 year (2013-14) of IYHA association dues free for a NEW to hockey, up to 5th grade player.  Brent Eilefson second.  Motion passed.  Shari Kunza opposed.
7.             Moving Board meetings to Sunday nights.  Remains tabled from January meeting.
Mark Klein moved to adjourn at 8:40.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.