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How does the home team load a game?


Side Note: Round Robin or Simultaneous Multi-Team games
The Host (Home Field) Team is responsible for entering the games that they are playing. They are also responsible for assigning the home team for non-host or third party games and instructing those home teams to enter those other game into the system.

Example (Note that each team takes turns as the Home Team):

Home: Host Team vs. Opponent: Visitor A – Host team enters this game
Home: Visitor A vs. Opponent: Visitor B – Visitor A team enters this game
Home: Visitor B vs. Opponent: Host Team – Host team enters this game

or for a 4 team Round Robin (Note that each team takes turns as the Home Team):

Home: Visitor A vs Opponent: Visitor B - Visitor A enters this game
Home: Host Team vs Opponent: Visitor A - Host team enters this game
Home: Visitor B vs Opponent: Visitor C - Visitor B enters this game
Home: Visitor C vs Opponent: Host Team - Host team enters this game


1. Go to the NCJLA website www.ncjla.org

2. Click on the Admin button on the upper right side of the home page and then log in with your email address and your personal password for your account. If you forgot your password just enter your email address and click on the Log In button. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to set your password.

NOTE: You need to be assigned as a Scheduler for each team that you are adding games for in the system to have the rights to enter games. The NCJLA Webmaster should have made this assignment if you were listed as the Scheduler for teams. 

3. There are two places where the game scheduler can access the game scheduling module.

Option 1: Click on the Admin Link at the top right of the page and on the dropdown rollover Scheduling and rolldown and click on Add Game or Practice.

Option 2: Click on the Teams tab

From the Teams tab page, select the appropriate season, then League and Conference (if applicable) and finally the team. Then click on the Schedule tab. This takes one to the page where all games will be posted. Click on the ADD EVENT button to add a game.

Game setup steps

1. Put in/select date of game

2. Put in Start and Finish time for the game. Note if AM or PM.

Game Times should be as follows:

High School – 1 hr 40 min

14U – 1 hr 30 min

12U – 1 hr 30 min

10U – 1 hr
8U – 45 min


High School – 1 hr 30 min
14U – 1 hr 30 min
12U – 1 hr 15 min
10U – 1 hr
8U – 45 min

3. Select the field from the Location drop down menu.

Note: If the field is not on the drop down list, select TBD. Follow the instructions on How to add a field. Note is possible to set up a game between two teams at third party venue. If the field is not known at the time the game is set up, select TBD. One can come back later and add the field.


4. Under Category, select “Game” or “Non Divisional” from drop down list.

Game: Any game played within the teams division, ie 15A vs 15A.

Non Divisional: Any game where the two teams are not in the same division, ie 15A vs 15B.

DO NOT CLICK “confirmed” when setting up the game. The Opponent will click confirmed when they accept the game.

5. Select the proper season from the drop down list.

6. Select the Home team from the drop down menu.

7. Select the visiting team from the Opponent drop down menu.


8. Event Note: Schedulers must include the subsite name in the Event Note section in order for the game to be entered into arbiter.


Note one can select teams from outside of the conference and outside of the division (Non Divisional).

Leave the “Send Notices To:” unchecked when setting up games.

When done Click “Submit”.


A game will appear on the home team’s schedule page.


And on the visiting team’s schedule page.

After scheduling has closed, any game changes or cancellations will need to be entered on the “Submit Game Schedule Change” form located at www.ncjla.org under the Club Administrators tab.

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