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How do I prepare our team rosters to be loaded on the website? 


(NOTE: If your club has a League Athletics website, you can send your rosters with a click of a button.
Click here to see the instructions on how to do so

The profile information requested is required by the NCJLA in order to confirm that each player and coach associated with a team is a current member of US Lacrosse, provide verifiable rosters to all coaches and allow the league to communicate directly with each player and coach.  Further it allows teams to input and track individual player statistics.  Note that all key information is kept confidential on the NCJLA website.  The system is set so that a public viewer can only see the first name and first letter of the last name of a player and their uniform number. 


It is highly recommended that the names of the player’s guardians and their emails be included in the player’s profile since any changes in games will be sent via email.  Team administrators and members will be sent a password which allows them see a complete roster and email team members. 


To develop a unique profile each player must have either a valid email address or complete street address.


1.  Click on NCJLA team member import template to access the Excel template.  Plan to develop and save one template per team for easy tracking and changes but put all of your teams’ rosters onto ONE SHEET to be sent to for easier uploading.


2. Complete one row of information for each player, coach, assistant coach or manager.  Required fields are coded in green.  DO NOT change the column headers.


a. Put the player’s, coach’s or assistant coach’s US Lacrosse number under SerialNo.

b. For zip code only use 5 digits; Phone numbers should include the area code and should be in the following format XXX-XXX-XXXX.  At least one contact phone number is required for coaches, assistant coaches and team mangers.

c. More than one email addresses can be put into the cell but each address needs to be separated by a semi-colon.  Under the Type column put in Player for all players.  Put in Parent if the person is a parent of a NCLA player otherwise put in N/A (typically the only people who should be coded N/A are coaches and assistant coaches who do NOT have kids playing lacrosse in the NCJLA).  Under Gender, put in M or F, not Male or Female.  Birth date should be MM/DD/YYYY not MM/DD/YY.

d. Note guidelines and restrictions for Team, Position, No and Notes cells.  Team names need to be EXACTLY the same as on the NCJLA website.  For Position, use only one of the following: Player, Coach, Asst Coach, Manager and SideLine Mgr.  More than one parent can be designated a SideLine Mgr.

3.  Name the file with your club’s name and save the file as a “.csv” file.


4.  Email the file to

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