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Fair play point system adopted for the Buckeye Travel Hockey League

·         One BTHL Fair Play Point will be awarded to each team before every game and in all divisions.

·         The Fair Play Point will be removed if any of the following events occur during the game. This also includes any penalties assessed after the game.

o    If one or more of the coaches is assessed a Game Misconduct or Match penalty during or after the game.

o    If one or more of the team's parents or fans are ejected from the game by the referee under the rules of USA Hockey. See Parents Code Of Conduct.

o    If the team exceeds the following penalty minute thresholds during a games regulation time or after the game is completed.

§  Midget Division games: 16 minutes

§  Bantam Division games: 14 minutes

§  Peewee Division games: 12 minutes

§  Squirt Division games: 10 minutes

·         For purpose of calculating the Fair Play penalty minutes, the following penalty equivalency minutes will apply.

o    Minor or bench minor penalty:

Bantam/Midget: 2 minutes
Squirt and Peewee: 1.5 minutes

o    Major penalty: 5 minutes

o    Misconduct penalty: 10 minutes

o    Game Misconduct: 10 minutes

o    Match Penalty: 10 minutes

o    Check from behind: 2 + 10 minutes for a total of 12 minutes

o    Penalties assessed during overtime do not apply toward threshold.

·         The Fair Play Points will used to determine the league standings per division and for seeding purposes for the Championship Tournament.

·         Loss of the Fair Play Points will not be subject to any appeal.

·         Fair Play Points will only be applied for approved league games and not during the Championship Tournament.

·         Home team is responsible for recording the number of total points rewarded to each team on the score sheet and on the web site. Remember a losing team can earn still earn 1 point in the standings for Fair Play, and a winning team can be awarded either 2 points in the standings or 3 points in the standings for Fair Play. The total number of points must be recorded at the top of the score sheet above each team's name and circled for clarity. The home team must also enter the fair play points on the website with the final game score (recorded in the "Extra Point" field on the website and displayed on the website in the standings "XPts" column.

·         Standings calculations:

Win = 2 Points + 1 Fair Play Point (If Earned)
Tie = 1 Point  + 1 Fair Play Point (If Earned)
Loss = 0 Points  + 1 Fair Play Point (If Earned)

In the event of a tie for points using the above calculations:

First tie-breaker: Head-to-head competition in league games
Second tie-breaker: Goal differential

Originally Posted 11/15/2011
Posted to the new website 10/16/2012 with clarifications on entering fair-play points and additional details on standings calculations.  
Modified 10/17/2012 to clarify Squirt & PeeWee times