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Score Keeping Tutorial

Score keeping for your team is an important function to your team and for the league.  Beyond recording the win/loss record for your particular team/game, it is also an important tool in helping protect your kids and specifically your pitchers from overuse. Before we proceed, first watch the videos below:

How To Keep a Score Book Part 1 (Video)

How To Keep a Score Book Part 2 (Video)

As of January 1, 2018, PONY Baseball will be following a pitch count instead of an innings limit, as recommended by MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines. As stated in Section 10 “Pitching Rules” and T-8 “Tournament Pitching,” any team member may pitch, subject to the restrictions of the pitch count, as recommended by MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines, for age divisions Pinto 8U, Mustang 10U, Bronco 12U, Pony 14U, Colt 16U, Palomino 18U and Thorobred 23U. Players in the Shetland 6U age division are not permitted to pitch. Pitchers are to adhere to the chart below for league and sanction tournament play. 

These guidelines apply to players based on their actual age, not their league age.

*If a pitcher has the available pitches, a pitcher could pitch in two (2) games in a day.

Pitchers reaching their maximum number of pitches in a day, while pitching to a batter, may finish pitching to that batter before being removed. A pitcher is charged with the number of pitches in the specific calendar day and week in which they are pitched, regardless of whether they are local organization league games, the playoff of postponed games or suspended games, tie games, or exhibition games.

Rest is calculated as per calendar day