Spirit United strives to develop soccer players capable of competing at the highest levels of competitive youth soccer in Central Florida. This past year has been one of tremendous growth for the ACYS Spirit United Competitive Soccer.

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Mailing Address

ACYS - Association of Christian Youth Sports
2105 Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810


ACYS Spirit United- Developmental Soccer

Janice Lavigne ACYS Director of Operations
Questions 407-521-2243  
ACYS Spirit United - Competitive Soccer
Eddie Santos Spirit United Program Director
Claude Davis Spirit United Director of Coaching sudirectorofcoaching@acys.org


Spirit United Registrar


We understand how easy it is to experience challenges when participating in youth sports, especially when it relates to your child.  Before you respond in frustration or anger please pray first and consider Phil 2:14.  If it relates to a particular game or team you should submit the concern to your coach first.  If it involves your coach and he/she is unapproachable then you should submit your concern to your school's Athletic Director, if possible.   If neither applies and you still feel led to submit a concern to ACYS please use the email for "general inquiries". Please know only submissions that include your full name and phone number will be read and addressed.  Be sure to include all pertinent information like who was involved, team name, coach name, date and time of the incident, what transpired and what action you have taken to reconcile the issue prior to contacting ACYS.  Thank you for your feedback and thoughtful consideration of our guidelines.

Phone Numbers

ACYS Developmental Programs Office 407-521-2243
ACYS Spirit United Competitive Soccer Office 407-731-0333
ACYS FAX 407-386-3356
Soccer Referees 407-521-2243
ACYS Spirit United Emergency Contact 407-765-9391