The Mamaroneck Youth Hockey Association (M.Y.H.A.) is a private, non-profit, parent-run corporation founded in 1994. Boys and girls are eligible to try out for selection to our teams.

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We would ask that all teams adhere to the following designated locker room assignments listed as follows:
Locker room 1 and 2 (closest to the back door and the bathrooms, the visitors dressing rooms)
Locker room 3 (varsity locker room) and 4 (the locker room next to it)
The assignments are as follows:
Practices during the week:
Practice 1 (6PM or 5:30PM start): Locker rooms 3 and 4
Practice 2 (7:10PM, 6:50PM, or 6:30PM start): Locker rooms 1 and 2
Practice 3 (8:25PM, 8:10PM or 7:35PM start): Locker rooms 3 and 4
Practice 4 (8:40PM): Locker rooms 1 and 2
This schedule for practices will be in effect through the end of October.  Once the High School teams start, it might have to be adjusted. 
Home games during the weekend:
Game 1 (5:25PM start): Locker room 3 (varsity)
Game 2 (6:40PM start): Locker room 4 (next to varsity)
Game 3 (8:15PM start): Locker room 3 (varsity)
Any questions, please let me know.  Thanks everyone.
Best regards,