When a player registration is submitted to Central Mass Outlaws (CMO) it represents a commitment for the entire season.  The program and coaches in turn make a variety of commitments based on the number of registered skaters.  Player placement is not guaranteed.  Prior placement in a specific league or division does not guarantee placement with the same team, division or league the following season.  Rosters are subject to change.  League divisions and placement is subject to change.




  • To access and view registration and payment history please login to your account using the login/edit my account in the left side menu under the home button



  • A deposit is required upon accepting a roster position and securing a spot on the team
  • All player registrations will be have credit card auto-draft according to the payment schedule outlined
  • if you are submitting a late registration, all scheduled payments with due dates prior to the current payment date will be drafted to bring the account current even if you elect a lower payment
  • credit cards can be updated by a family member by making a payment 1 day before the next scheduled payment
  • if you see a discrepancy in payment history please    for resolution
  • NEW players to our program will be required to provide a USAH & MA Hockey player release indicating there is no previous balance with any other programs
  • CMO players that have an outstanding balance will not be released to a new program until all payments have been made
  • any outstanding balances will prevent players from participating in team activities



  • ALL payments are non-refundable, including but not limited to
    • ​tryout fees
    • deposits
    • regular season payments
    • USAH registration
    • merchandise & equipment
    • tournament fees
    • hotels and other accommodations
    • transportation
  • This policy is effective with any and all payments received
  • RegSaver is an independent option available during registration and post-registration as an alternative and covers a variety of circumstances and situations
    • there is a mandatory opt-in or opt-out off during registration
    • post registration this can still be elected by visiting the RegSaver website



All payments should be sent to:

Central Mass Outlaws
P.O. Box 465
Worcester, MA  01613


Payment inquiries:



** If you have an issue with an existing payment schedule or payment that was already processed, please immediately for resolution **


Outstanding balances may prevent players from participating in team activities.  Any and all outstanding balances, either from CMO or previous programs, must be paid in full prior to players participating in any team activities. Unpaid balances can and will be reported to MA Hockey and prevent players from registering with other programs.



At the time of registration all families are required to elect or decline regsaver coverage.   Regsaver coverage is also available post-registration using the link below.  In exceptional circumstances the CMO Board of Directors may, at it's sole and absolute discretion, approve a full or partial refund.  The CMO Board of Directors are under no obligation to approve a refund.   All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing and must be approved by the CMO Board of Directors. Any request must be made within 30 days from the event for consideration.  Please note that deciding not to play or to play for another program is not grounds for a special refund request.  CMO does not receive any confirmation or reporting from Regsaver, all communication, registration & claims will come directly from Regsaver/AIG.