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CT Jr. Babe Ruth Summer League 2018

Divisions 13 Prep, 14U & 15U for both A & B Levels



All teams must submit a roster at the beginning of the season. Any changes to the roster must be approved.

1.   Continuous batting is permitted for 13U
      Batting order 9 + EH and substitution by the book for 14, 15 age groups.          

2.   No slash bunting will be permitted. Batter and Manager will be ejected from the game for this rule violation, and the following game.

3.   Each team shall pay for one umpire. Fee in accordance with umpire association in that area. Plan for worst case of $75.00 per umpire. WCUA charges $65.00.

4.   Each team will provide two new baseballs at the beginning of the game, if more are needed home team shall provide.

5.   Please confirm your games a minimum of four (4) days before you play. Managers should also confirm the day before.

6.   In case of inclement weather, please cancel games no less than two (2) hours before game-time, as some teams may require a one hour travel distance time. If umpires arrive for the game and must get paid and the game is canceled home team shall be responsible for payment of both umpires

7.   Minimum play of 12 scheduled games to qualify for the League Playoff’s.

8.   Playoff’s will start on July 26th and conclude by July 31st, weather permitting (dates to be determined before each season).

9.  Rosters must be submitted at the start of the season. All changes must be approved by league admin in accordance with Babe Ruth rules.

10.   No player may be added to a roster two weeks before playoffs.

11.  Only the first two home and first two away games vs an opponent will count in the Standings. You can schedule more games against any team you want but only the first two home and first two away games IN YOUR DIVISION will count in the standings. 

 12. $150 Forfeit fee for cancelled games (not due to weather). I am not talking about postponed or rescheduled games. I am talking about one team showing up to a field for a game and the other team not there. This is unacceptable and should have a penalty associated with it. At the very least if umpires show up also and need to be paid the team that did NOT show up should be responsible for paying both.

13. The official schedule will be on the ctxtreme website. It is the responsibility of team managers to get all schedule changes updated to that website. If there are discrepancies between town websites and the official ctxtreme.org  website that lead to forfeits see RULE 12.