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Canyon Creek Little League

Board Meeting Minutes

                                                                                          September 23 2012

Present: Scott Love, Josh Nevarez, John Stuempf, Tessie Gonsalves , Christy Anderson, Mike Marver, John Morris, Steve Bried, David Lawrence, Robyn Chimenti, Rick Charles, Michael Kanceljak

General Board Meeting

Boundary Issue

There was a conversation about what how the boundary is going be drawn. There is a proposal by SRLL that the line would be drawn at Bollinger, CCLL get everything north of Bollinger to Danville (giving up Gale Ranch and Quail Run).  Motion: We agree to take Tball, Rookie, and single A (all non drafted players) from Hidden Hills, Windermere Middle School, & Live Oak , and anyone who wants to come over,  and we keep Quail Run and Gale Ranch, and give John S. line item veto power while negotiating.  Second by Mike.

Action: The motion was unanimously approved by the board.


We will have 50/70’s for 10 (46/60), 11, and 12’s.  50/70’s (which becomes Jr. 80’s).  Michael will coordinate a meeting with Lorene about Jr. 80’s and 50/70 program. The objective of the meeting is to understand registration, training etc.  We hope to have two fields for 50/70’s this year (Hidden Valley and maybe Twin Creeks). He will report back next meeting.

Action Step: Before next meeting we all need to think about the structure of how 50/70 will fit into our league. 

CA 57 Summit and LLB Road Show

Mark calendar for the CA 57 summit and LLB Road Show- it is Nov 10th: It is $40.00 a person.  It is like a workshop.  It will be at the Hilton at Pleasanton.  It will be important to have at least one at each session and we will need to budget $400.00.  Chrissy Anderson will put this in the budget.  Steve will send out a signup sheet for the work shop.

CA 57 Summit and LLB Road Show

November 10 2012  8:00 am – 5:00pm

Work shop

Person Attending

LLB Road Show Presentation-8:30-11:30am


Lunch  with Q&A with Jim Gerstenslager12-1:00pm


Unpire I 1:30-2:30


Safety Officer 1:30-2:30


Player Agent I 1:30-2:30


Challenger Baseball 1:30-2:30


Manger Reps and Coaches 1:30-2:30


Umpire II    2:45-3:45


Safety Offer II 2:45-3:45


Player Agents  II 2:45-3:45


Special Games 2:45-3:45


Manger Reps and Coaches 2:45-3:45


Umpire III 4-5:00pm


Charters, Constitution, Boundary Maps 4-5:00pm


70’s/Jr/Srs/Big League   4-5:00pm


All Stars and Post-Season 4-5:00pm


Challenger Baseball II  4-5:00pm



Warm-Up Days

Josh will touch base with trainers to see who will offer up free training for warm-up days.


Need a few more positions – majors division director, AAA division director, head team parent, etc.  John S. will send out a list.

Try Outs

Try Outs will be Dec 1, 2, & 8 and the draft will be the 9th. The backup (due to rain) is to have try outs dates will Jan 12th and the draft will be the 13.


Challenger Program

We have 15 players. They are the Red Sox (Go Sox). There is a need for a person to be a Challenger Board Member.  Please help find a person if you can.



Director was here and all is good.  Fields are safe at this time and will write something up regarding safety and concussions.

Misc. Notes

 Big Al’s training ( sponsored by Dist 57) is Feb 2 2013 at Doherty Valley HS

Meeting ended:  9:00 pm