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Over the past several years, MYHA has redoubled its efforts to offer opportunities for our players to try the goalie position and to offer specialized training for our dedicated goaltenders. This season the board has made the decision to use program ice on Wednesday’s as well as Sunday’s to help reduce the chances of game conflicts.


MYHA has partnered with renowned goalie coach Joe Bertagna to lead some of MYHA’s goalie clinics. Coach Bertagna is one of the premier goalie coaches in North America. He has been a goalie coach for 40+ years. He served as the Boston Bruins goalie coach for seven seasons, as well as for Team USA at the Canada Cup and the Olympics. He speaks regularly on goaltending as part of the USA Hockey coaching program, and he has been the Commissioner of Hockey East for more than 15 years.


MYHA also receives significant and consistent support from the Marblehead High School hockey program. Over the past several years, MHS’s varsity goalie coach and goaltenders have attended the clinics to help our goalies.


MYHA’s goalie clinics are typically held twice a month in Lynn. The clinics are organized by MYHA goalie coordinators Chris Giangrande and John Doherty and supported by MYHA coaches, including former goaltenders. Each clinic has age-appropriate shooters from MYHA’s teams. The clinics include a short off-ice discussion and an on-ice session. The clinics have been enormously popular among our goalies and the shooters. As a result of these efforts and initiatives, MYHA has increased the numbers of its dedicated goalies and improved the skills of our goalies.


If your player has an interest in trying the position, please contact Coach Giangrande and your team’s head coach, so that they can arrange for your goalie to attend and ensure that your player has the necessary equipment. If your player has an interest in being a shooter at any upcoming clinics, please contact Chris and your team’s head coach.