Building on the tradition and philosophy of the Westview High School Wolverine football program, the mission of the Wolverine Youth Football and Cheer (WYFC) is to promote a positive and safe environment that enables our youth to learn the fundame




Why is Wolverine Youth Football and Cheer a member of American Youth Football?
American Youth Football (AYF)  is the fastest growing youth organization in America and has over 830,000 youth participants and 180,000 adult volunteers with leagues in all 50 US States and internationally.  Many of the member associations in AYF have evolved from existing alternate programs for various reasons.  WYFC is made up of experienced football and cheer coaches and volunteers who have come together to bring American Youth Football and Cheer to our community.  We share a common belief with all other AYF members that ALL kids deserve equal opportunities, special attention, and respect.  AYF members understand that Safety comes first with a child’s participation and although we understand that football and cheer involves a great deal of physical activity and contact, we believe that a program with safety first risk management will provide a safer environment for participants.  We do not just talk about safety measures at WYFC, we require all participant players, coaches, board members, and parents to practice them.  We are also bringing this program to the community to make football and cheer ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants based on superficial factors such as weight, financial or athletic ability.  We invite to you review our mission as described on our home page along with the American Youth Football national website to further understand our philosophy.             
How are the Football Divisions determined at Wolverine Youth Football and Cheer?
American Youth Football offers various divisions for associations to play under.  Wolverine Youth Football divisions follow the “All-American Division” as set forth by American Youth Football.  This matrix follows a Age Based & Age Protected format and is utilized by all member teams with the San Diego Youth Football and Cheer Conference.  Any modifications or changes to this matrix are set forth by SDYFC.  Players can play up from their age group and age appropriate grouping but they will NOT be able to play down from their age level for ANY reason.  You can not turn the next "AGE" by 8/1/15 in order to qualify for the lower "Age" Division. For example,  in order to play in the 12U division; the player can not turn 13 BEFORE 8/1/15. 
Does it matter which High School My child will attend?
WYFC is open to all eligible athletes of the community regardless of which high school they will attend.  Football instruction at WYFC is based on the philosophy utilized at the high school level and can prepare our young players for the next level of football regardless of the high school they ultimately attend.  Our current boundaries encompass various high schools in the Rancho Penasquitos, Torrey Highlands, and Santaluz area but players from other areas have played at WYFC under a waiver request.     
Will players at Wolverine Youth Football need to purchase their own shoulder pads and helmet?
Absolutely not.  Registration fees will include certified helmets and approved shoulder pads along with various other pieces of equipment. 
What Equipment will be provided for players in the tackle and flag divisions?
All tackle players will receive the following equipment:
-        Game Jersey
-        Practice Jersey
-        Game Pants
-        Practice Pants
-        Helmet
-        Shoulder Pads
-        7-piece pad set
-        Game / practice belt
-        Mouth piece
All flag players will receive the following equipment:
-        Game Jersey
-        Practice Jersey
-        Game Pants 
-        Practice Pants
-        Mouth piece
NOTE: All participant equipment must be returned back to the league at the conclusion of the season.  Game jerseys are kept by the participants.
What will players need to provide?
All players must provide their own cleats for the season (not metal cleats).  Players will be provided an initial mouthpiece for use during the season but they may need to purchase additional mouthpieces as the season progresses (no clear or white).  All male players must provide their own athletic supporter or compression shorts.
Can players wear their personally owned gear?
Although the equipment issued to our players will be high quality, players may wear their own equipment if they choose.  However, all equipment must be certified and must meet the requirements as set forth by the league.  Parents / Guardians may be required to sign a player owned equipment waiver if the participant chooses to wear their own equipment.  In addition to league issued equipment, players may choose to wear additional gear such as forearm pads, gloves, Clear face shields, padded undershirts, etc.  
Are there minimum play rules in this league?
Absolutely!! American Youth Football was founded on the concept of “Everyone Plays.” A minimum mandatory rule (MPR) is in effect for all games as set forth by the San Diego Youth Football & Cheer Conference rules.
What rules will games be played under?
Except as specifically modified for the San Diego Youth Football and Cheer Conference, all games will be played under the state rules for varsity football of the applicable governing body – the National Federation of State High School Athletics.
Where will games be played?
All Home games will be played at Westview High School.  Locations for away games will be determined by the schedule each year.   Away games will be played at various High Schools and other locations throughout San Diego County.  All games will be played on Saturdays.
How long is the season?
Practices will begin towards the end of July and the game schedule will begin early September and will last until early November.  Playoff games will last into late November. Nationals will be in December. Your team may elect to participate in regional tournaments too.
How can I sign up my child?
Just follow the “Registration” link on the home page of our website.  Sign-up and registration events will be posted on the website as they become available.   
What will I need to submit with my registration?
·       Fully completed SDYFC player contract with signatures (3 copies)
·       Birth Certificate (2 Copies, must have seal)
·       Current Photo of player – 1”x1” passport size.  Child must not have a hat or glasses on in picture.
·       Proof of residency (1 copy).  This can be a utility bill, insurance bill, registration, etc.
·       Current year physical using the SDYFC completed Physical Form (original and 2 copies).  Must have doctors stamp in addition to signature.  Chiropractor physicals will not be accepted.
·       Final Report Card for 2014-2015 School Year – NOTHING else will be accepted
·       Parent Code of Conduct (2 copies)
·       WYFC Refund Policy Form signed (1 copy)
·       Payment – checks or cash will be accepted at in person registration, or you can pay with a credit card when using online registration
How do I make payment on my child's registration?

To make payment on your child’s registration:

  1. Click “sign in” in the upper right hand corner of home page.
  2. Enter email and password.
  3. Find green “pay now” button on bottom right side of page.
  4. Enter Billing information
  5. Click Blue button “Submit Payment”

How do I make become a member or director of WYFC? Click here.

How do I get in touch with WYFC?
Please send us an email at  with any questions.