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26. Off-Season Playing Opportunities


The NCJLA encourages interested players and coaches to pursue additional lacrosse activities as long as they do not interfere with a player or coach’s NCJLA spring season practices or games. The NCJLA does not approve of or list on their website any organization that promotes non-NCJLA lacrosse programs or activities that conflict with regular spring season (Feb- May) NCJLA teams’ games or practices.

The NCJLA supports the National Athletic Trainers Association which recommends that athletes have at least one day of no organized athletic activity to rest, recover and focus on academic and religious commitments. Club leaders should recognize that NCJLA athletes are students first and lacrosse players second and recommend that families prioritize their NCJLA Club practices and games for the spring season.

The NCJLA provides a listing of off-season camps, clinics, and tournaments as a courtesy to our members. They are additional lacrosse opportunities for players in the off-season only. The NCJLA is not responsible for the actions, processes, or procedures of any organization providing tournaments, clinics, camps, travel teams, their staff, or their administration. The NCJLA is however grateful for their commitment to honor the NCJLA priority in the spring season (Feb-May) and encourages families to review their programs.

The NCJLA periodically offers US Lacrosse sanctioned tournaments for NCJLA registered teams. Please check your NCJLA event information sheet to confirm that your age division event meets the standards to be used to qualify for the US Lacrosse Youth Nationals. For more information please email the NCJLA Boys ( ) or Girls Director ( ).

  • In order to earn points at qualifying tournaments that offer more than one division at the same age, teams must play in the most competitive division at that tournament.
  • How to Earn Points Towards Youth Nationals

List of US Lacrosse Sanctioned TournamentsPlease email execdirector@ncjla.org to have your organization approved for listing on the NCJLA website.


All rights reserved. Use of NCJLA materials are limited to the NCJLA approved activities only. NCJLA Clubs and outside organizations must request permission from the NCJLA.

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