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23. Statistics and Standings Calculations

Record Keeping

For all HS-10U teams, the designated “Home” team shall provide an NCJLA Score Sheet for recording the final score, participants information, officials names, penalties, etc.  (carbon copy, and supplied by the NCJLA). Both teams are required to supply the score table with a legible roster (to include player first initial, full last name and jersey number) at least 10 minutes prior to the game starting. At the end of the game the NCJLA score sheet sections for penalties and final score shall be verified as accurate by the game officials by signing in the designated signature block. The yellow copy goes to the visiting team and the white copy goes to the home team. The NCJLA strongly recommends that both teams take a photo of the signed white copy in case there are any future questions about the game results. The NCJLA may request copies of the official score sheet at any time.

NCJLA Score Sheets

To request more NCJLA Score Sheets please email execdirector@ncjla.org. Team score sheet amounts are determined by the maximum regular season game amount approved by the NCJLA. The NCJLA orders 9 score sheets per team assuming that for half of their games the team will be designated the “visiting” team. Score sheets are shipped to the club profile mailing address listed on the NCJLA website in early February. 

Reporting Results

All NCJLA HS-10U teams are required to maintain accurate scores for all games on the NCJLA website.

When reporting scores, the designated HOME team is required to post game results. The designated visiting team is required to verify those scores. Home and visiting team designations can be found on the NCJLA schedule, the site of the game does not determine if a team is home or away. The appropriate age level commissioner and director should be contacted as soon as possible should there be a discrepancy. The designated home team is also responsible for keeping hard or electronic copies of the original score sheet signed by the officials. The NCJLA may request copies of the score sheets at any time. For rules regarding forfeits as a result of a roster violation see section 13 Submitting Team Rosters.

A Level and HS Teams Reporting: The designated "home" team is required to post game results within 24 hours of the game end. The visiting team must verify game scores within 48 hours.

B Levels and 10U Teams Reporting: The designated "home" team is required to post game results within 48 hours of the game end. The visiting team must verify game scores within 72 hours or 3 days.

10UB Teams With No Officials or Score Kept: The procedure for reporting remains the same. If no score is kept enter a final score of 1-1. If no officials are used the coach who served as the field official shall sign in the official's signature block. See Section Team Registration and Fees for the 10UB Officials Cancellation Policy.

8U Boys and Girls Teams Reporting: For the boys and girls 8U teams no score is required to be kept and officials are not required. The NCJLA does not calculate standings for this age division. However, coaches are encouraged to complete the NCJLA score sheet sections for recording penalties, individual player stats, and coach roles (field official, sideline coach etc). The yellow copy goes to the visiting team and the white copy goes to the home team.


Statistics for Boys and Girls Varsity HS

The only mandatory game statistics for teams to maintain on the NCJLA website are those for boys and girls high school varsity teams. For boys: goals, assists, ground balls, face offs and saves should be reported. For Girls: goals, assists, saves, ground balls, and draw-controls should be reported.  Other teams may choose to keep statistics, either with their club documents or on the NCJLA website.  Contact webmaster@ncjla.org to request this option.  Click here for instructions on how to post statistics.



NCJLA standings for A Levels and HS teams are calculated using an NCJLA-specific RPI formula. For information about the methodology click HERE.

Scores must be entered within 24 hours of the game time, see above for reporting results instructions. Away teams should verify their final scores within 48 hours. Weekly standings will be delayed until all games have scores posted. The entire division will be notified of the missing game results and the team(s) responsible. Scores not entered by noon Thursday may result in a 1-0 forfeit win for the visiting team until the correct scores are submitted.

For teams participating in playoffs, festivals or a flighted tournament the standings for determining the team seed or bracket grouping are locked the Monday following the end of regular season play.

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