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18. Sideline Managers

In accordance with Boys and Girls NFHS and USL Rules for Youth Lacrosse, each team must provide a designated Sideline Manager per game day contest. The sideline manager must be an adult, be onsite for the duration of the game, wear the NCJLA-provided sideline manager vest, and participate in the pre-game officials meeting with head coaches.

Description: The Sideline Manager is the off-field counterpart and support to the officials that manage the on-field behavior of the players and coaches. Sideline managers are to help model proper behavior and attitude. These adults would be responsible for ensuring that the spectators and fans support the athletes, coaches and officials in a positive manner and refrain from behavior not in conformity with the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct. They also report infractions related to the Game Protocols found in the NCJLA Infectious Disease Game and Event Modification Plan  They should monitor the spectator areas.

Training Materials: US Lacrosse and Positive Coaching Alliance training materials for volunteer sideline managers can be found in the document ‘Sideline Manager Job Description’. When the NCJLA has issued game modifications based on CDC.gov and the State of California Department of Public Health, Sideline Managers will have additional items to report to the officials during a game. These items can be found in the Game Protocols section of the NCJLA Infectious Disease Game and Event Modification Plan. The NCJLA has also developed NCJLA specific training materials to better assist the club administrators with annual training:

          NCJLA YouTube Channel: Sideline Manager Training Video

          NCJLA Sideline Manager Training and Protocols

NCJLA Infectious Disease Game and Event Modifications


Sideline Manager NCJLA Vests:  Sideline managers should be identifiable to the public especially if an official or spectator needs their assistance or has a question. The NCJLA provides clubs with a brightly colored vest with "NCJLA Sideline Manager" on the back, one per team, to be kept and reused each season. The NCJLA recommends that the vest stays with the team ball bag or first aid kit so it is always available at home or away games. If clubs add additional teams, or need a replacement, contact execdirector@ncjla.org. Orders are placed in early January of each year and mailed to the club address indicated on their NCJLA profile.

SideLine Manager Protocols:

(Pre-Game) Sideline managers will introduce themselves to the officials and attend the pre-game coaches and officials meeting. They do not have a speaking role in the pre-game meeting but should listen to the officials instructions regarding sportsmanship. The officials may ask for their names and which team they represent.

(During the Game) Sideline Managers will notify an unruly fan or spectator that unsportsmanlike behavior may lead to ejection and/or a game cancellation by the officials. After warning a spectator of unsportsmanlike conduct the sideline manager should follow the protocols listed on the NCJLA Sideline Manager Training and Protocols document. Sideline managers are to observe and report and should refrain from any action that could endanger their safety.

Consequences for No Sideline Manager At the Game: 

An NCJLA game shall not proceed until a sideline manager for each team has attended the pre-game coaches meeting with officials. The officials will start the game clock on time and allow the clock to run until a sideline manager for each team has been identified. If all playing time has elapsed before a sideline manager can be identified the game will be recorded as a forfeit in favor of the non-offending team. If both teams do not have a sideline manager before game time expires then the game will be recorded as 0-0. Officials will still be paid for their time and officiating services regardless of the time spent waiting for teams to supply a sideline manager. Teams should be given the full allotment of game time to locate a sideline manager so the game can be played.

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