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19. Code of Conduct (players, parents, coaches)


In addition to all coaches, all players and their parents or guardians must sign the Code of Conduct document.  The signatures indicate each person has read and agrees to the Code of Conduct and knows that the consequences of violating one of the stated rules may include ejection from the event/game/league.  Parents should explain to their youth division players (10U and 8U divisions) why it is important to follow the expectations of the Code of Conduct. The NCJLA Board of Directors or designee will be notified of any ejection. Signed codes of conduct forms are to be kept by each club and are to be made available to NCJLA upon request.


Officials Jurisdiction

The official’s jurisdiction extends from 30 minutes before the game until the officials leave the playing venue. Officials should be on the field and be in charge of the game 30 minutes prior to game time. They may eject players, parents, or coaches off the field or from the surrounding venue within that window of time. If a situation occurs after the game ends and before the officials leave the playing venue and offending conduct would warrant a red card/ejection during the game, the official(s) can issue a post-game ejection to the offending player, parent, or coach to be served in the team’s next game.

NCJLA Sportsmanship Incidence Committee

The NCJLA Sportsmanship Incidence Reporting Committee Chair is responsible for processing any sportsmanship incidence reports and code of conduct violations submitted to the league. Please see the NCJLA Operations Guide, section Sportsmanship Incidence Reporting section for details.

When Games Run Over

The NCJLA encourages all participants to be patient when games run long.  Every effort is made to keep to game day schedules, but unforeseen issues may arise.  Model good sportsmanship and be respectful of teams, spectators, and officials as they finish their games. Officials may ask to shorten game time to get the field or venue back on schedule. This is not considered unsportsmanlike and teams should recognize that officials may be assigned to games later at another venue. 

Parent Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Coach Code of Conduct 

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