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15. Officials

Clubs are required to have one certified official per team in their organization, as stated in the NCJLA Club Application HERE.  The NCJLA helps coordinate training. To learn more about becoming an official contact the boys and girls official's organizations directly, see links below.  Two officials are scheduled per game for U12, U14, Girls HS and Boys JV. Boys Varsity games require 3 officials. One adult referee is scheduled for Boys U10. One adult official or two junior officials are scheduled for girls U10 games.  No officials are required for U8 boys or girls but the NCJLA recommends that at least one coach complete officials training.

Boys and Girls A and HS divisions may request three officials at their games.  If both teams agree, then the cost is split between them.  If one team wants three and the other team wants two, then the team who wants three can opt to pay the entire additional cost for the third referee. Requests should be made to the assignor for the game and must come from the club president. There is no guarantee that the officials organization will be able to supply an extra official.

Girls/Boys 10B Referee Best Practices

Girls and boys 10B teams may use coaches as officials if mutually agreed upon 15 days prior to games.  Teams must inform assignors 15 days prior to the games to avoid incurring official’s fees. See Team Registration, under club administrators tab on www.ncjla.org for the current season fees. See 07 Team Registration and Fees for instructions related to the 10UB Officials Cancellation Policy.

Clubs are strongly encouraged to compare the benefits of using junior officials for 10UB versus the cost savings. The junior officials assigned to the 10UB games gain valuable experience that will help them to officiate the 12U and 14U teams in the future. The NCWLO (girl’s officials) and NCLRA (boy’s officials) have structured junior officials training programs that provide local youth 14 years or older with on field training and part time employment experience. In addition, coaches who are already juggling game day prep can focus on the players rather than the officiating duties. Please see section 7 Team Registration and Fees for more information about the Official’s Cancellation Policy. 

Each team pays fees per game to cover the expense of the officials’ time, approved travel, assigning and administrative fees.

Assignments and Arbiter
Officials are assigned to games via the web-based assigning tool ArbiterSports.com. The NCJLA is the interface between the NCJLA clubs and the official’s organization.  The NCJLA inputs all games into Arbiter and send instructions to clubs on how use ArbiterSports to find contact information and confirm officials..   Click here for current assignors' contact information.

Officials assigned to your scheduled games are listed within Arbiter.
Click here on how to find Officials.

Arbiter also allows you to share feedback on both boys and girls officials assigned to your games.
Click here on how to evaluate Officials.

Recruiting Officials

Each club is to send one NEW adult or new junior umpires/referees each year to training along with any returning officials they have recruited in the past.  In areas where there are officials' shortages, your club may be asked to send more than two officials to the training.  This is training for NCJLA games only. If there is a shortage of officials in your area and your club has not recruited referees or umpires the assignors may not be able to provide officials. This may impact your original game schedule. For more information please see the boys or girls' official's websites listed below. 

Girls Officials
The NORCAL Women's Lacrosse Officials assigns NCJLA Girls youth and HS games: http://ncwlo.org/

Boys Referees 
The Northern California Lacrosse Referees Association assigns NCJLA Boys youth and HS games: https://reflacrosse.com/

Becoming an Official and Recruiting Materials
Girls, go to: http://ncwlo.org/

Boys, go to: https://reflacrosse.com/


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