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14. Submitting Team Rosters


Team Rosters

All NCJLA teams must submit accurate and complete team rosters prior to participating in games or events. The NCJLA Board of Directors requires rosters to be submitted well before the first game so that the club has time to make corrections if needed.

  • Boys & Girls, 10UA, 12UA&B, 14UA&B & HS Teams-due 2nd Saturday in February
  • Boys and Girls 10UB and 8U Teams-due 1st Saturday in March

If a team’s roster is not complete or accurate in the NCJLA system within 72 hours of the team’s first NCJLA game, the game will be cancelled, due to the significant liability to the club and the league. See below for Roster Rules.

All rosters must include the following for each player, coach or team manager:

  • US Lacrosse membership numbers and valid expiration date
  • First and last name of the player
  • Address zip code
  • Phone number for emergencies
  • Email address for the parent/guardians
  • Type of participant: coach or player
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of the NCJLA team
  • Position: Coach, Asst coach, Player or Manager
  • Jersey number
  • Grade for HS division only

Recommended Roster Size

Rosters may be resubmitted with updates or additions after the mid-February deadline until April 1st when rosters lock. After April 1st please email with the name, birthdate and reason for the petition. The NCJLA Board will review and provide a ruling. Every effort will be made to review before a game is scheduled to take place so that games are not impacted. Club administrators should send the request at least 72 hours before the game.

  • Boys and Girls 10UA, 12UA&B, 14UA&B and HS Teams- The NCJLA recommends no more than 24 players on a roster to provide adequate playing time.
  • Boys and Girls 10UB and 8U Teams- There is no maximum number of players for a roster at this level but the NCJLA recommends 10-12 players to provide adequate playing time. 

Roster Rules

Roster rules are enforced to provide fair and equitable playing opportunities for all teams. If a club has an extenuating circumstance they may petition the NCJLA Board of Directors for a possible solution. Below are the rules concerning rosters:

  1. All roster data fields for coaches, players and team managers must be complete and accurate. Updates may be submitted (see below for time frames).
  2. Club administrators must communicate changes and updates to the roster (jersey numbers, adding an age eligible player, etc.) after the initial submission and before April 1st, at least 72 hours before game time to the NCJLA Webmaster and NCJLA Boys or Girls Director.
  3. Clubs must submit rosters via the NCJLA Roster Submission template (see below) by the specified due date to the NCJLA webmaster.
  4. Email addresses are required for every player, coach and team manager for emergency notifications.
  5. Inaccurate, prohibited or missing roster data must be remedied. Teams that do not have complete and accurate rosters submitted may be notified and required to remedy within 48 hours of the game. If the team fails to remedy officials will be canceled and the game will be recorded as a forfeit of 1-0. The team will have 5 calendar days to remedy or the forfeit will be locked.
  6. Club administrators must request roster changes and additions (anything other than jersey number changes) after April 1st via email to the Executive Director, .
  7. Violations of Eligibility Rules (HERE) and the Play and Coach Out of Area Process (HERE) will be considered an illegal roster and any game played with non-compliant players will result in a forfeit by the offending team. Clubs must plan to petition the NCJLA Board of Directors for approval prior to games starting.


Clubs are strongly encouraged to provide coaches and parents with a copy of the NCJLA Eligibility section of the Operations Guide. This section outlines the age divisions, policies for playing up or down an age division, switching teams, being a guest player for another team etc. The NCJLA Operations Guide Eligibility section can be found HERE.

Email addresses are required for every player.  If a parent or player does not have an email address, use the coach’s or team manager’s email address in that field. Please note that NCJLA emergency alerts for events hosted by the NCJLA and notifications regarding infectious disease exposure (required by the State of CA) are sent via the NCJLA’s website messaging system. If a player submits the coach’s or team manager’s email address that person is responsible for delivering those messages to the player and their guardians.

Roster Submission Instructions

The NCJLA provides a roster spreadsheet template with the required fields.  Here is the link to instructions on loading rosters:  How do I prepare our team rosters to be loaded on the NCJLA website?   And the link for the roster template.

US Lacrosse Membership

For insurance purposes, the NCJLA requires that all players, coaches and assistant coaches be members of US Lacrosse through the end of the season. These membership numbers must be included for every player and coach on the roster.  Clubs tend to collect US Lacrosse membership information in one of three ways:

  1. Require players to register directly with US Lacrosse and submit their membership number to their club registrar. 
  2. Use League Athletics for registration and build in automatic US Lacrosse membership at the time players register, so they are registering for the club and with US Lacrosse at the same time.  (The NCJLA highly recommends this approach.)
  3. Format a group membership registration form with all player and coach information and submit that to US Lacrosse for group processing. (Be advised this process can take between two to four weeks, so plan accordingly, email the regional rep for NorCal)

Click here for more on US Lacrosse membership.

Bollinger Insurance provides coverage via US Lacrosse membership.

Roster Changes, Late Additions, Jersey Number Updates 

New players, jersey numbers, additional coaches, and assistant coaches can be added by completing and submitting the Team Member Import Template to webmaster@ncjla.orgClick here for instructions.  

Submit roster changes to NCJLA no less than 72 hours before a game.

For Boys HS only please email the Boys HS Commissioner for additional instructions on how to update jersey numbers. NCJLA Contact Page HERE.

Rosters will be "locked" as of April 1.  After that date any changes to a roster must be approved by the NCJLA Board of Directors via a petition. The NCJLA recognizes that clubs may continue to recruit new players during the season. Send roster petition details (Player name, birthdate and reason for petition) to the NCJLA Executive Director, email execdirector@ncjla.org.

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