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7. Preparing for Team Registration

Determining Playing Level of the Team Prior to Registration

In order to register teams properly, clubs must determine which competitive levels to field teams. The NCJLA Strength Score Calculation Worksheet (see below) should be completed prior to registering each team. Most clubs hold a fall practice or outreach clinics in October or November to assess the skills, athleticism and commitment level of their players. See below for playing level guidelines. The NCJLA highly recommends that boys and girls 10UB and 8U teams be balanced and formed with a mix of highly skilled/athletic players and new/less athletic peers.

Links to key documents:

Team Strength Score Calculation Worksheet

Determining A, B and Rookie Level Players and Teams Document

Team Registration Instructions

US Lacrosse Age Divisions Chart

Divisions typically offered by the NCJLA:

Boys’: HS Varsity, HS JV, 14UA, 14UB, 12UA, 12UB, 10UA, 10UB, and 8U.

Girls’: HS Varsity, 14UA, 14UB 12UA, 12UB, 10UA, 10UB and 8U.

For boys and girls 10U and 8U and girls 12UB rookie age levels the teams play in the small sided games format (See US Lacrosse LADM or NCJLA Rules Sheet for details).

  • Boys 10UA&B: 8 v 8
  • Boys 8U: 4 v 4
  • Girls 12UB Rookie: 8 v 8
  • Girls 10U A&B: 8 v 8
  • Girls 8U: 4 v 4

At some age levels teams are further divided into A (competitive), B veteran (Intermediate) or B rookie (Beginner) when the number of teams registered allows.


Setting Up Player and Coach Registration

Prior to setting up player and coach registration club administrators should review the templates for submitting roster information. Collecting the required information will make submitting these documents to the NCJLA webmaster an easier process.


Club administrators should remind players, parents and coaches that when registering for the season they should not OPT OUT of notifications since all NCJLA emergency notifications are sent from the NCJLA website ( ). Opting out will prevent them from receiving information related to infectious disease incidents and updates regarding emergencies at events.


Links to submission templates: Coming soon

  • Team Roster Submission Template (players, coaches, and team managers)
  • Coach Certification Submission Template (coaches who will need an NCJLA badge to be on the sidelines during games)


Collecting Waivers During Registration

Player registration for a club often includes the parent or legal guardian signing agreements, waivers or acknowledgement documents electronically. In addition clubs are legally required to collect specific health and safety waivers, such as the Concussion waivers (Operations Guide, Parent Responsibilities). The NCJLA highly recommends that club administrators review the State of California Digital Signature Regulations FAQ page if they intend to include electronic signatures as part of the player or coach registration process.


Waivers and Documents required for 2021 Season:

  • Signed Code of Conduct (Parents, Players and Coaches, bottom of Code of Conduct Section)
  • Signed Infectious Disease Waiver (Coaches, Players and Parents, see Documents folder tab, Infectious Disease Club Support folder)
  • Concussion Risk Acknowledgement and Training Certificate (Coaches)
  • Concussion Risk Acknowledgement and Waiver (Parents and Players, Health and Safety tab)


For help with any of the tasks above please email an NCJLA Boys (boysdirector@ncjla.org) or Girls Director (girlsdirector@ncjla.org).

All rights reserved. Use of NCJLA materials are limited to the NCJLA approved activities only. NCJLA Clubs and outside organizations must request permission from the NCJLA.

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