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4. Boys and Girls Representatives Meetings

Each club appoints a representative for their girls’ program and one for their boys’ program. Separate meetings are scheduled throughout the year.  Boy's and girl's meetings are held virtually once a month. These meetings are extremely important because timely information and instructions regarding NCJLA practices, policies, and procedures for the particular season are shared and discussed.  It is then the responsibility of the representatives in attendance to pass this information along to their clubs, coaches, and players.  The NCJLA event calendar includes exact dates and times for these meetings. Copies of the meeting materials can be found on the NCJLA Boys and Girls tab on the NCJLA homepage, left menu bar. Representatives are encouraged to subscribe to the NCJLA google calendar under the announcements section of the homepage.

Chris Gehrke
Director of Boys Lacrosse

Erin Kramer
Director of Girls Lacrosse


Typical roles and responsibilities of the Representatives: (Required position for your club)

Boys and Girls Representatives

Manages the following for their respective team(s) (8U-HS):

  • Coaches Certification Submission to NCJLA (collects items from coaches, assist them with completion, and sends 1 master sheet to the NCJLA webmaster)
  • Encourage coaches to attend in person USL Coaches training sessions to advance their skills each year
  • Assist with recruitment of new parents to be coaches
  • Ongoing mentoring and support for coaches (request assistance from NCJLA or USL as needed)
  • Assist with creating the club practice plans (Use LADM resources)
  • Special events- coordinate RSVP for the teams that will be attending NCJLA events
  • Liaison to the NCJLA Boys or Girls Directors and Commissioners
  • Communicates rules, protocols and other pertinent information to parents, players and coaches.

Club Delegate

Responsible for the following:

  • Attend NCJLA Summer Workshop and Delegates Meeting
  • Cast the club vote for all association business
  • Participate in representative conference calls as needed

Girls and Boys Representatives Meetings and typical agenda topics:

Girls Rep meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Boys Rep meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month. Please subscribe to the NCJLA Google calendar for the exact dates, times and meeting login information.

NCJLA Club reps are encouraged to reach out to the NCJLA Boys and Girls Director at any time should they need individual support.



  • Introduction meeting for new representatives (Optional)



  • rules for the season
  • recruitment of officials
  • how to prepare for scheduling meeting
  • coaches certification requirements and trainings offered in the area
  • determining playing levels, team evaluations
  • items to include in your team registration
  • due dates for NCJLA scholarship and financial aid applications
  • submitting age eligibility petitions



  • recruitment of officials
  • coaches certification sessions in the area
  • preparing rosters for submission
  • preparing supplies for the season
  • securing and training volunteers for game day
  • submitting sideline manager vest orders



  • rules interpretation sessions led by official's organization for coaches
  • recruitment of officials
  • play day logistics and RSVP process
  • preparing rosters for submission
  • Sportsmanship, Athlete Safety and Serious Injury Reports
  • training team managers
  • scheduled NCJLA appreciation weeks for Officials, Volunteers and Coaches



  • rules changes
  • game day protocols
  • how to use arbiter and related protocols
  • end of season calculations and qualifications
  • 14U & 12U play days...know before you go info
  • play day for 10UB and 8U
  • open of regular season information for HS-10A
  • game change protocols
  • review how to input scores and monitor standings



  • open of regular season information for 10UB & 8U
  • review game change protocols
  • review how to submit roster changes and updates
  • review of how to input scores and monitor standings
  • Sportsmanship, Athlete Safety and Serious Injury Reports



  • end of season event locations
  • RSVP forms to confirm your team's attendance
  • All Star nomination process and due dates



  • end of season events still ongoing
  • RSVP for Summer Workshop
  • feedback regarding rules of play for June Summer Workshop
  • NCJLA Semi-Annual Survey (when applicable)

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