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3. Delegates Meeting

The Delegates Meeting is our annual kickoff meeting. It is the most important event of the year for club representatives to attend. It is held on the fourth Saturday of September, unless it falls on a holiday.  Check the NCJLA calendar for the exact date. 

The following activities occur:

  • All information pertinent to the coming season is presented.
  • Training Sessions for Club Presidents, Treasurers and Administrators
  • Delegates vote to elect new NCJLA board members for any two-year member terms that have expired. Delegates vote to accept any new clubs into the NCJLA.
  • Educational and gender-specific informational sessions are held.
  • Delegates vote on any league official business.

At a minimum, each member club must RSVP and send one voting delegate to the meeting (usually the club president) as well as a girl's representative and/or a boy's representative. Each club will have 1 vote regardless of the number of representatives that attend the meeting to speak on their behalf.


Dates associated with delivering information for the Delegates Meeting:

The NCJLA sends out official communication and notice via email. The NCJLA may send information related to voting matters to the member clubs via email between 90-20 days before the Delegates meeting. The NCJLA Executive Director aims to send all voting materials 30 days in advance.

Proxy votes are not allowed for league voting items. A club may designate any person from within their club to speak on their behalf. The club will still only get 1 vote. The club must email the NCJLA Executive Director and webmaster to have that person added to the club profile. It is highly recommended that changes be made at least 7 days prior to the Delegates meeting so that the correct name of the club delegate is listed on the roll call.

For more details about procedures related to the Delegates meeting please visit the NCJLA By-Laws document on the NCJLA homepage left menu bar.


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