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1. Introduction


Welcome to the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA) Operations Guide.  This guide will provide useful information relevant to member clubs fielding teams during the regular spring season and to those considering future membership. The NCJLA member clubs serve the Northern California region from Redding to Monterey and San Francisco to Grass Valley. Each club in the league is community based and working towards its non-profit status with the State of California. The league offers in-season (February-May) regular game schedules, play days, tournaments, jamborees and instructional clinics for boys and girls from kindergarten through high school at the elite and recreational level. In the off-season (June-January), the NCJLA coordinates coach’s and official’s instructional clinics in conjunction with US Lacrosse and the local official’s associations (NCLRA and NCWLO). In addition, the NCJLA staff and board members assist the greater lacrosse community through speaking engagements (USL Convention), mentorship of new leagues outside of California, and by participating in various focus groups for player safety and development.

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All rights reserved. Use of NCJLA materials are limited to the NCJLA approved activities only. NCJLA Clubs and outside organizations must request permission from the NCJLA.


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