The vision of the Mavericks Lacrosse Club is to be recognized by local high school and national college lacrosse coaches as a premier program for the development of proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and character in our young men.

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Hello All,

Please read the below email from lacrosse legend Bill Tierney.




To Coach Bill Tierney,




We are trying to teach parents and coaches that fundamentals should be the only focus at the youth level. We're stressing that we should double the time college teams spend on fundamentals. As you've said in the past "lacrosse is over played and under taught and fundamentals are everything". I love what you're doing in Denver.

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Response from Bill Tierney


Glad to hear it. That message has fallen on deaf ears for years, so keep it going despite the potential parental negative feedback.  This is why kids who have been playing lacrosse since they're six cannot play in college. The bags in the sticks, the lob passes, the stand still and shoot drills (all counter-productive) are killing the kids. Also, playing too many games and not practicing enough skill work, is causing repetition of failure as well.  Oh well, I am glad you are on the right course. Keep at it. And keep it fun!  My two boys, Trevor and Brendan, began their lacrosse careers in the Bel Air Rec. League.  Awesome memories.


Coach Tierney



Conversations like these are what motivate the Mavericks Lacrosse Club. The Mavericks are dedicated to your family and your child. Our goal is to teach your son to love the game by making him a better lacrosse player. The Mavericks believe that Harford & Cecil County are a hot bed and it's time to show the lacrosse world how good we are. We have the athletes, the facilities, the coaches, and most importantly the families to make this happen. Why are we driving over 40 minutes to practice, eating fast food, adding more stress to our lives for a game that's over after college? We need to focus on family, grades, hard work, being challenged and building character. The Mavericks also have the contacts to get your son to the next level whether it's a high school, Division I, II, III or JUCO. But remember you have to be good enough and willing to work hard. We have to teach our children that lacrosse is about a network of great people that work hard and give back with a high level of class and character. 


High School Mavericks Teams

We have a great diversity of the best coaches that will prepare our players for the expectations of potential college coaches. Our coaches represent the finest lacrosse colleges in the nation to include Bucknell, North Carolina, Villanova, Towson, Salisbury, Stevenson, Loyola, UMBC, Maryland and the list goes on.



We invite all to attend and are looking forward to seeing all on the field. Please use this website for all information.